Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, March 19, 2021

It was indeed more than a handshake across the border as young Gift Josiah Olotu, an indigene of of Idoma from Benue State appreciated former oyo state commissioner for works, and now a member, Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) representing Oyo State Hon Bimbo Kolade.

Hon Kolade who was in his office few days ago when he was informed that a young lady was waiting to see him and has also came with a special gift.

Hon Kolade wondering who the visitor could directed that the young Gift should be allowed to come into his office.

“Getting into my office this talented young lady named Gift, said “she brought a gift for me”, and she presented this beautiful paint work on a glass mirror. I was so elated!

First, this is a beautiful work of art, second, here is an amazing work by a young lady; third, I have never met the lady before and I do not even know her…so how did she come up with such a thoughtful gift, I was amazed.

I then asked her how she found out about me. She narrated how, one day…to quote her: “I was scrolling on Facebook one day, when I saw a promoted post of you Sir, and went ahead to check out your profile, immediately I picked interest in you and decided to read more about you on google.”

Young Gift also disclosed that “I was inspired by your acts of service towards young people, and thought I should appreciate and honour you by drawing a portrait of you Sir.”

Gift Josiah Olotu left secondary school in 2016 and is still seeking admission to study psychology at a Nigerian University.

Upon completion of her secondary education, she discovered her interest in the work of Arts and decided to pursue it by training. Today, as an admission seeker, she is not idle, she is productive and this picture confirms her excellence in the Fine Arts field.

Hon Kolade appealed in his appreciative comments called his friends and associates to help celebrate and appreciate this talented young lady and also go a step further by encouraging her by patronizing her artworks.

“In addition please assist her realise her dreams of becoming a Psychologist by helping her to secure admission into the University.Indeed, I am overwhelmed by this young lady’s gesture, encouraged to do more service by her thoughtfulness.”

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