Monday, August 15, 2022
You Have No Moral Right To Criticised Buhari, Kazeem Tells Oyedepo

One of the close confidant and friend to Late Chief MKO Abiola, Alhaji Sufianu Kazeem has described the recent utterances and condemnation of President Muhammadu Buhari by the General Overseer, Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel Bishop David Oyedepo as unnecessary.

Alhaji Kazeem while reacting to the comments by Bishop Oyedepo said as a church leader, the clergy man made a serious mistake of criticising the nation leader publicly.

The Ibadan based business man explained that some of difficulties confronting the nation were caused by religious leaders like Oyedepo as well as other religious leaders which also includes some Islamic leaders who instead of preaching the truth, they were busy deceiving their followers and accruing wealth to themselves.

“Pastors like Oyedepo and and some islamic leaders have no moral authority to castigate President Buhari who since 2011 has been trying his best to reposition Nigeria with many lofty initiatives while Bishop Oyedepo and his cohorts have been busy building universities, mansions, camp ground and buying of planes all to the detriment of their followers whether Muslims or christians.”

“How many of his church members can pay for Covenant University tuition fees or the Islamic organisations that has also built universities even though it was built by their tithe and offering as well as Sakat in our mosques.How many of the church members or those in the mosques have access to fleet of cars and private jets bought with the church money or proceeds from their mosques.”

The Ibadan based business man added that it is important for clergy men and islamic leaders to know that all they are doing is being monitored by God and Almighty Allah adding that with the utterances of the Bishop, it is clear that he supported a presidential candidate in the last presidential election and that he is still being pained by the great loss.

He added that according to Holy Bible and Qur’an , ” Whatever a man do, God sees all and that the two holy scriptures said it is through their deeds, that they will be known, ninu ise won laa o ti mo won.”

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