Sunday, January 16, 2022
You Are Wasteful, Irresponsible, Ondo Residents Chides Governor Akeredolu

Story By Akinola Emmanuel

Residents of Ondo State have condemned Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for throwing
money at people in a marketplace in a bid to woo voters ahead of the October 10
governorship election.

The governor had while returning from a campaign over the weekend stopped his
convoy at the popular Oja Oba Market in Akure and began throwing money for

Akeredolu’s convoy was seen in a video causing traffic on the roads around the
market as people scrambled to pick naira notes on the floor.

However, some residents of the state have described the governor as being
wasteful, noting that the act of throwing money to people in public was wrong.

A private school teacher, Mr Tope Ibikunle, said, “I saw him at Oja Oba Market
throwing money at people. The attitude he displayed showed that it is the way
they want to use money to buy votes on the day of the election but I know our
people are wiser.

“This is what Akeredolu has turned Ondo State people to. This attitude is
shameless and it has also shown that this is how he had been wasting our money
in government.

“How could a sitting governor be throwing money openly in a public place? This is
the money he is supposed to use in building hospitals and schools but he is busy
wasting it and heavily taxing people.”

Another resident, Mrs Funmi Adegbenro, said the attitude of the governor should
be condemned by Nigerians, adding that Akeredolu was wasting taxpayers’ money on frivolities.

She said, “This is a total disgrace. How can a governor be throwing money like
this publicly? He just wants to woo voters in the state by every means. This is not
the best strategy.

“Can somebody tell Akeredolu that the election is not won like this and I’m
surprised that he is a lawyer who should know better, you can just imagine how
they are wasting our money.”

Femi Omisule, a student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, who also
spoke, said, “Watching Akeredolu throwing money publicly reminds me of how
some of my friends had to drop out of school as a result of the hike in our tuition
all because there was no money.

“This is the same governor that increased our school fees and claimed Ondo had
to generate more funds. So, we can all see how he is spending our money. It is
sad and I know my friends won’t forgive him watching this video. Our people must
shine their eyes in this election.”

But another resident, Ayokunle Omodugba, expressed a different opinion on the
issue, noting that the governor committed no offence by throwing money to
people in public.

He said, “I see no crime here. At least, the governor threw the money to the
people on the street and they are Ondo residents.

“The governor out of excitement threw money to traders and they were also
happy to see him throwing money at them.

“If people are saying he is wasting our money, at least he is throwing the money
to residents. So, it is still our money and I don’t see any sin with his attitude.”

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