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A couple  resident in Enugu, Mr. &  Mrs. Cajethan Adiele’s story of a  set of quadruplet babies delivered on November 6, 2019, is a compelling story of how miracles could take place despite all odds. Gynaecologist tasks pregnant women on Antenatal  According to Adiele who is a security personnel, their set of four babies were not products of In-vitro fertilization, IVF,  but naturally God-gifted babies whose journey to earth were divinely safeguarded.

Adiele said that even though it would be difficult for him to bear the responsibilities involved in bringing up four babies at the same time, the same God that miraculously brought them to his family will also take care of them, using men of goodwill. According to him, “It’s a thing of joy that my wife gave birth to a set of quadruplets because we wedded October 20, 2018 and on November 6, 2019, she gave birth to a set of quadruplets, three girls and a boy.

“The pregnancy is a miracle from God and that’s why I call them miracle children. It’s an act of God because my wife got pregnant and after few days, she developed abdominal pains. When we went to hospital, they carried out pregnancy test and it was positive.

When we went for a scan, scan couldn’t read it and after few days, they said there was a growth. We went for another scan where it was confirmed there was a growth and that we have to go for a major surgery. “We were discharged two weeks after the surgery but a few days later, she started having symptoms such as vomiting and we went to hospital again where they said we should go for a test and it was still confirmed she was pregnant. Doctors couldn’t believe it and were surprised.

“The doctors said we should go for scan and we went. There, the scan confirmed my wife was pregnant with a set of quadruplets. It was a thing of joy for us. All these while, we have been visiting the hospital on daily basis and to the glory of God, on November 6, the children were delivered, three girls and a boy. “This is just a miracle that can happen once in a time.

We are happy that God remembered my family. What people are buying with much money is what I have on a platter of gold. The surgery didn’t affect the pregnancy after the antibiotics that were given to her as injections and drips, yet the pregnancy was not affected and today, we have four bouncing babies.

“My wife delivered just about one year after our marriage and so, we never looked for a child or children for anyone to contemplate if we went for assisted pregnancy. Even doctors were surprised and those who followed the case with us know the babies are God gifts.”

Asked how he would carry on with the upbringing of the babies; Adiele said, “In my local parlance, it is said that God who gave a child yam in the farm will also assist him with the tool to harvest the yam. So, I believe that God who gave these children to me, even though I am not financially capable to sponsor this, will make a way. It could be a form of appeal, knowing that no one vomits sugar put into his mouth.

If philanthropists come, the door is open for them. I believe God will give me the strength to carry on.” His wife, Blessing said she could not explain how it happened. “It’s only God. I passed through a lot of things. The pregnancy gave me a lot of stress but it was only God that saw it through.

I am so happy. Quality antenatal care can reduce birth of preterm babies — Paediatrician “Some people will be pregnant and one story or the other will follow but in my case, God saw me through. So, I give thanks to God.

My children are miracle babies because I passed through a lot after surgeries, the babies were still intact in the stomach and that’s why I call them miracle babies. I pray that God grants the heart desires to those still searching for fruits of the womb,” Blessing prayed.

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