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Prince Joseph Dopamu is a Prince from Ogun State, he is a priest of the Anglican church but he contested 2019 election as a house of assembly candidate for Odeda state constituency. In this interview with Nigeria Alert reporter Temiloluwa Oyeniyi, he bares his mind on many issues,excerpts.

His Background

He hails from Ogun State and he became a Priest at Saint Paul Anglican Church of Ibadan Diocese. He is also married with two children. He is a politician, footballer, coach, farmer who believes in encouraging young Nigerians.

Why He Joined politics

He has been into politics before he joined the ministry because he couldn’t at the time be a politician and a missionary according to the Anglican Communion. However, in order to encourage the participation of Christian Youth in politics, Bishop Akinfenwa told the youths to start contesting. Dopamu said it has always been his joy to make changes not by sitting and complaining but by participating. Therefore, he has always been encouraging the Christian youths or members to join in making changes in the political system. He also believes that if they who are elders participate, then the young ones would.

Also, he said he is always pleased whenever he goes to his hometown. This is because there are various challenges combating the development of the place. However, he believes that there is the need for Christian faithfuls who are God fearing to participate in politics. To him, politics is a
dirty game if the righteous are silent.

Lesson From Last Election

He contested under the umbrella of United Democratic Party ( UDP) to represent Egbeda Constituency in Ogun state. According to him, politics is a game, however, he will not quit irrespective of the experiences. He observed that in the last election, the only language voters understand is money. Also, he observed that the people believe politicians are the same, that they only need their votes.

Christian Community Support

He appreciated his Bishop for the opportunity to go into politics. Spiritually, he received the support of all clergies both in Ibadan and Abeokuta. He said they helped too encourage members to vote for him but the political culture is a challenge. However, he said he would contest in the next election and he is getting prepared because he believes that God wants to use him to change Nigeria.

Prince Dopamu said he never regretted contesting and loosing because one o the principles of success is no regret, no retreat and no surrender.

His Assessment Of Oyo & Ogun Governor

Prince Dopamu eulogized the efforts of the governors in the two states stating that they are both working towards the development of their states and he gives them his full support.

Message For His Constituency

He urged the people to change their ways of reasoning if they really want change. He said they should stop seeing politicians as the same as well as to also stop collecting money from politicians it may hinder the services they ought to render when they are in debt. He added that they should start voting for personalities and not parties.

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