Saturday, October 16, 2021
Water Resources Bill: Liase With State Government, AWDROP Tells FG

Story By Joshua Adetunji

The Oyo State Chairman of Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners & Practitioners, AWDROP, Engineer Kolawole Olayinka has urged the Federal Government to review the proposed water resources bill and consult State governments and stakeholders before the passage or implementation of such bill.

Engineer Kolawole gave this advice while speaking with Nigeria Alert news on the proposed water resources bill.

He faulted the steps taken so far by the Federal Government which has no inputs from the state governments and stakeholders on water resources.

“Federal Government shouldn’t pass such bill without the State’s input because the state also has its role in the debate as the owner of the land. Federal Government can have everything as a central Government but the State governments must also have a say.”

Engineer Kolawole Olayinka

“I want to advice the Federal Government to redress the issue so as to bring together stakeholders to contribute ideas and aired their views in order to know the right way and gives room for general decision which may likely be generally accepted without any rancour.”

“We thank God for our governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, who has set up some measures in curbing illegal drilling which we’re also building on. Before now, there are quacks, illiterates and ignorants who has been parading themselves as Professionals.”

“But when this Government came on board, it came with some measures of reformation, so now, you must conduct geographical survey, stamp by registered COMEC members, submission of reports to Ministry of Environment and Water resources in Oyo State and lastly, there is a consultant going round to collect these things before you start drilling.”

He also added that It was in the past that people can call for drilling without even knowing the site, but all that has now change, as they now inspect the site, examine the survey, verify the person who did and make sure everything is in order before drilling activities commences.

While speaking on the association’s current relationship with the State Government.

“We have a cordial relationship with the State government because they called us when they came on board, we met with them and we brief them on some things. In fact, we’re the one who passed most of the proposals they’re using to them. We have a solid relationship to the Government.”

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