Monday, August 15, 2022
Tribute To A True Leader,Father And Friend, Olapade Agoro (PHD)

By Lekan Shobo Shobowale

Most times, it is the death of a very close blood relative that invokes in most men a deep sense of loss and grief. But Libanius, the ancient Greek rhetorician, in his funeral oration upon his sovereign and friend, the Roman Emperor Julian, had helped put in the appropriate words an occasion such as this which invokes universal mourning over the loss of one individual whose unique life helped defined his epoch.

A little spot of earth will you, Daddy, adviser, friend and leader Dr Olapade Agoro fill from now on, but the admiration and appreciation of the unique life you chose to live will forever inhabit the hearts of many of this generation, even unto the coming generations of Nigerians.

Good people die everyday. Yet not all of them affirm for us the goodness in humanity and leadership the way you did.

You passed away and left a legacy of positive experiences for anyone who took the time to know you which wasn’t a hard thing to do.

Dr Olapade Agoro was a man of many facets, Political Leader, Philanthropist, opinion moulder, and public commentator are a few titles he garnered through his life’s work, contemplative man by nature he took family, friends and community to the heart of his existence.

Dr agoro was a man who was responsible and accountable to his commitments.

Enduring a promise to make the nation better and investing his time and energy into the future of our beautiful society through his political participation and founding of a political party.

Sir, as you go down the earth, I honour and cherish what you have done for me and others and recognize your life stretching out in the hearts of many people and it is without further ado, that I bid you Adieu.


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