Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Three Arsenal players who should leave by January

Arsenal signed Unai Emery in the 18/19 season after a lot of Fans lost faith in Clubs Longest serving manager, Arsene Wenger.

Since the start of the season, it has gone from bad to worse for the North London club, from sacking Unai Emery to having players who dont look good enough to play in a Traditional club like Arsenal.

So lets take a look at some players who dont deserve to wear the clubs shirt again and why its time for them to be shown the exit door.


It might be unfair calling a player who has obviously given his all to the club and always ever ready to represent Arsenal both on the pitch and off the pitch.

Xhaka was signed by former coach Arsene Wenger, he immediately became fans favorite for his shooting technique in finding the back of the net during matches. Xhaka has scored a number of important goals for Arsenal and definitely can’t take that away from him.

For couple of seasons now, Arsenal fans have always demanded more from Xhaka who has drastically dropped in performances during games. Some fans took it far by going on his social media pages to call him names and even cursed his family.

If we look at players who ordinarily haven’t helped Arsenal do well in matches, I think Xhaka will surely be among the players listed. The fans demanding more was just normal as this happens everywhere in the world.

Unai Emery knew about this and should have avoided making Xhaka the captain of the club. This worsen the relationship between Arsenal Fans and the Player, and a number of the fans never wanted him as Club captain, stating that he’s not good enough to wear the legendary armband for the club.

The negative energy Xhaka’s captaincy appointment brought, really affected his performances on and off the pitch and was being booed when substituted in the game against Crystal Palace.

When things like this happen, the best way is for the player to leave because as long as he remains part of the setup, it will always psychologically affect the team and nothing good will come out of the already damaged relationship.

So, in my opinion, i think its time for Arsenal to show Xhaka the exit door and bring in a center midfielder who is younger, better and will add so much to the team going forward.

Mesut Ozil

Another player who has to leave the club is Mesut Ozil. When a player starts having off-field issues with the coach, then that’s a very big problem for the team.

The reason this is a big problem is because some players will be in support of Ozil while some will be in support of the coach.

Emery has barely given Ozil enough playing time this season, stating that the player hasn’t impressed him enough during training.

A lot of the fans have clamored for Ozil’s inclusion while some just wants the coach to do his job by selecting whoever he wants as long as the team is getting much needed results.

Emery was very right to leave out Ozil during his time at the club. Since his sack, Ozil has been given enough playing time under the interim manager and nothing has improved in his game so far.

He looks more of a liability to the squad and his body language during games hasnt helped the team going forward. Its obvious Ozil cant keep up with the demands of the club and the best thing for him to do at this moment is to find his way out to a club that will be less demanding.


I’m sure every Arsenal fan would agree with me on this particular player who has been more of a problem to the team than a solution.

Mustafi is just 27 years of age and its very sad to see him struggle at a club like Arsenal where the demands are not as high as other top clubs in the Premier League and Europe.

He has been given enough playing time at the club since his arrival from Spanish Club, Valencia. A lot of the fans call him “calamity Mustafi” due to his consistent errors and inability to read games. When you remember players who have played the center back role for Arsenal in the past, then you realize Mustafi shouldnt even be at the club till this moment. He might come good if he leaves for other club in the league or Europe but its very obvious that Mustafi cant meet up with the demands of Arsenal and the best thing for him to do is to find his way out of the club.

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