Monday, August 2, 2021

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Oyo state governor, Engr Seyi Makinde as disclosed that there is no longer COVID 19 patient at the Olodo isolation centre, Ibadan.

The governor made this disclosure at a two-day retreat for elected chairmen, vice chairmen and Heads of Local Government of the 33 local councils in the state.

Makinde said: “I am glad that we were able to organise this retreat. We tried it when some of you were interim chairmen and chairpersons but COVID-19 couldn’t allow us but we thank God that in Oyo State, today, COVID-19 has taken back seat. At least, from the report I was given, there is no longer
anyone at the Isolation Centre at Olodo.

Governor Seyi Makinde called on local government chairmen and vice chairmen in the state to strengthen intelligence gathering at their various councils.

Makinde urged the council bosses to replicate the working policies of the state government at the local government levels adding, that they should adopt the four pillars of his administration namely, education, health, security and economy expansion, and add more to then, if need be.

The governor, who admitted that some needs may be peculiar to some local government areas, said the state government will match action with local
environment needs.

He urged them to work in good relationships with their Heads of Local
Government and suggested that the solid minerals, tourism and other sectors as areas some local government can venture into, adding that the state government will partner them.

“This retreat is a good opportunity for me to come, for us to interact and for me to share one or two things with you. I am sure alot of you are familiar with
our Roadmap to accelerated development.

“We brought out the documents before the election last year. And I am happy to tell you that the author of the document is here and that is Professor
Musibau Babatunde. We spent several days and weeks working that document

“It has served us as the blueprint for this administration. We are not going anywhere to ask for what we can do or what’s next after this because that
document is a standard. And for this past to years, it has assisted us, so at the local government level.

“My wish for you is to adopt this four pillars. But some of you, there may be peculiarities in your local government, you can massage it and vary it a little bit. Whoever wishes among you can make his/her pillars to be six. You can include two more pillars.

“For us, we will match action to the need that are peculiar to our local
government areas. Expansion of economy utilising agribusiness and infrastructure.

“Over these past two years, we have done quite a bit and we have the result.

People are coming to us, ambassadors, heads of mission wanting, to support and assist us in Oyo State.

“Now, for the next two years, we are getting stability in the agribusiness area
and also infrastructure. So we are taking mineral development and we should also add tourism.

“So, for those local government that are positioned to do things in tourism and solid minerals sectors, the state will support you and partner with you.

“One area we have been adjudged to have failed is security. Well, It is a big challenge to us if we are being criticided in that area. Security actually strikes at the heart of every other things we want to do; expansion of economy, health, education. All of those will only happen in a safe and secure

“So, you are coming in at a very challenging time. You all have your work
because we have to-do more for our people in the area of security, especially in Ibarapa axis and Oke Ogun.

“At the local government, because I hold security council meeting every month in all your various local government areas, it is a must you do security council meeting, one monthly as a minimum. But in local government where you have challenges, you can do it once every two weeks which means twice a month.

“Don’t be afraid and don’t be discouraged at all that you are just coming in and you are having these challenges before you. You are elected to solve problems and I pray and believe for majority of you, your current position will be a
stepping stone to something higher politically but you have to work.

“So, some of the policies that we have that are working at the state level, I will say you should replicate it at the local government level and where you need direction and support, please don’t be shy about it because if we get it right from the local government level, it will assist our overall position as a state.

“There is a state security task force. You can replicate that at the local
government level. Meet once in a week and review the activities. I can bet that by the time we are done branding our security architecture, they will copy it at the national level in this country.

“So, you should step up to the table and ensure that at each of your local
government areas, you take responsibility. Yes, security is our collective

Government alone can’t do it but somebody will have to hold the
rod of accountability. And, because we are the elected representatives of the people, we have to take responsibility for things that are well beyond your

“Amotekun Corps are in your local government areas. Although, there are challenges to get them as agency to work with the federal institutions because there are rivalry, but you will need to put all of them together.

“And the voluntry policing also, you know people in your local government
areas. We are passing through a very difficult time, security wise. So,
everybody must come together.

“From the report in Ibarapa, if there wasn’t the vigilantes and local hunters, it would have been a lot worse, they resisted. So we need to strengthen that network.

“But most importantly is the issue of intelligence. You also need to strengthen intelligence gathering in each of your local government. The security control room for number is 615. You should promote it and call it anytime.

Elected officials at the local levels should take it upon themselves to ensure that every household knows it.”

Present at the event were Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters, Chief Bayo Lawal; Chairman l, Oyo State Local Government Service commission, Dr Remi Ayodele and; Special Adviser on Security Matters, Mr
Fatai Owoseni.

Also present were the Special Adviser to the Governor on Politics and Strategy, Honourable Babatunde Oduyoye; Special Adviser on Agri-Business, Dr Debo
Akande; Special Adviser on Economic Matters; Professor Musibau Babatunde and Special Adviser on Local Government Matters, Chief Yemi Aderibigbe, among others.

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