Wednesday, August 10, 2022
There Are Only 200 Enviromental Health Officers In Oyo State – Adegoke

There Are Only 200 Enviromental Health Officers In Oyo State – Adegoke

Story By Akinola Emmanuel

The President, Enviromental Health Officers Association Of Nigeria (EHOAN) Oyo State chapter, Sanitarian Tijani Adegoke has disclosed that Oyo State government currently has in his employment only 200 Enviromental Health Officers popularly known as “Wolewole” as against the required 1, 976 officers.

This was made known to Nigeriaalert news by the President of the Association in Oyo State, Tijani Adegoke.

Environmental health officers are responsible for monitoring and enforcing health and hygiene legislation. They also investigate when there’s an incident, such as pollution, a noise problem, toxic contamination, pest infestation or an outbreak of food poisoning.

Sanitarian Adegoke stated that according to the standard of the World Health Organizations (WHO), “Oyo State with its large population should have at least 1,976 enviromental health officers and not the less than 200 officers it currently have on its payroll.”

He explained that the state members of his associations have been doing their best since the outbreak of corona virus in the state despite its inadequate manpower.

The number one health officer in the state pointed out that in many instances, a local government can only boast of one environmental health officer which in most cases is either the director itself or someone on a ever senior cadre.

Adegoke said some of the junior officers working at some government offices are adhoc staff who are not on state government payroll or few who are been paid stipend by the association itself as the scanty numbers of employed Sanitarians can no longer be adequate for the enormous works scattered across the state.

He commended the state governor Engr Seyi Makinde for his approval for employment of 1000 new officers which processes have been recently hindered by the ravaging COVID 19 pandemic.

While commenting on the current increase in cases of COVID 19 in the state, Adegoke emphasised on the need for people to change their attitudes and adhere adequately to measures set out by the state government to curb the spread of COVID 19 in the state.

He further explained that the association has effectively complement the effort of the state government in ensuring that the spread of the disease is curb through effective discharge of its duty such as removal and disposition of biohazard waste at isolation centres as well as chlorinated of water aimed at breaking the chain of infection.

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