Tuesday, October 26, 2021


The oyo state house of assembly has called for the urgent need to prevent Indiscriminate parking of commercial vehicles, in the capital city Ibadan which has been experiencing increased vehicular movements.

The distasteful situation which is now a common site across the state has experienced harsh and depressing implication

He added that the application of public-private partnership arrangement for car park operations in the state is important.

The motion, which was moved by Hon. Seyi Adidas, representing Afijio state constituency, is to prevent indiscriminate parking of vehicles by to he road users.

According to Hon. Adidas, “The negative habit of indiscriminate parking of motorists and inadequate organized car and motor parks has seriously militating against the efforts of the management team and officers of the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYTRMA) and Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency (OYSROMA), who are noted for effective discharge of their duties.

“It is very important for the state Government to come up with policies aimed at regulating road side parking, encouraging road side etiquette and providing conducive parking spaces in the state,” Hon. Adidas stated.

In support of the motion, the minority leader, Hon. Asimiyu Alarape commended the Oyo State Road Traffic Maintenance Agency on their effective maintenance of road activities in Akinyele area of the state.

He appealed that such competence should be directed towards the vehicular activities inother towns of the state such as Sabo in Ogbomoso and Ile-ikara in Oyo town.

In the same vein, Hon Ayo Fatokun also applauded the tireless efforts of the OYRTMA in curbing to the barest minimum the congestions caused by motorists, noting that with increased tempo, the congestions still continues in specific places in Ibadan, such as Iwo road, Sango, beside the police station, Mokola round about and U.I gate.

He added that, one of the benefits of the motion is that, it will serve as a great source of revenue generation for the government.

While passing the resolutions, the Speaker, Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin, urged the executive atm of government through the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Oyo State Road Transport Maintenance Authority (OYTMA) to come up with policy mechanism and endorsing Public Private Partnership arrangement for car parks in order to ensure discipline culture on roads, as well as free flow of traffic in the state.

The state Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism was also urged to embark on orientation for road users on road regulations, statutes and the state non-tolerance posture to breaching of road rules and regulations.

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