Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, March 28, 2021

The Chief Press Secretary to the Oyo state Governor, Mr Taiwo Adisa said rather than criticise Governor Makinde over Akobo flyover, every well-meaning indigene and resident of Oyo State should praise the governor for saving the state
a little over N400 million, in the award of that contract.

Mr Adisa in a statement reacting to a comment credited to a former federal lawmaker Hon Saheed Akinade-Fijabi has cautioned him on the need to stick to speaking the truth at all times.

He stated that it was shameful that Fijabi attempted to sweep under the carpet
the unsightly and incomprehensible conduct of the immediate past administration
in Oyo State, which frittered away millions of Naira in its failed bid to construct
the Akobo flyover.

“It comes as a surprise that Hon. Fijabi would publicly express anger at the governor’s insistence on probity and accountability to the extent that he would go on the radio to express such disgust.

“Fijabi needs to tell the world whether he was happy that the sacked contractor
had close to N400 million of the state’s resources in his hands but failed to
deliver on the project since 2017, putting thousands of residents plying the Akobo-
Ojurin road in hardship.

“He should also explain that he is unhappy with the insistence of Governor
Makinde to recover every kobo illegally paid to the contractor by the previous
government and tell the whole world whether grandstanding on the side of
falsehood is how to be an opposition politician.

“Whereas the previous government had awarded the contract for the bridge in
May 2017 at the cost of N1.464 billion and paid N368 million to the contractor, no
tangible work has been done up to May 2020, when the contract was terminated.
“In any case, we need to put it out clearly that the government of Senator Abiola
Ajimobi has not paid for the Akobo flyover as erroneously claimed by Fijabi.

“What that government did was to overprice the contract by as much as N400
million and paid N368 million in 2017, for a ‘mickey mouse’ job inherited by the
Makinde government. Signs of the poor job done by the contractor after collecting
N368 million are still at the foot of the bridge as we speak.”

On the Ibadan Circular Road, Adisa said: “We need to educate Hon. Fijabi that
Governor Makinde is only clearing the mess left behind by the APC government in
its unproductive eight-year reign in the state.

“The truth is that most of the APC elements like Fijabi, who have become
overnight commentators and armchair analysts on radio, were too subservient to
the late former governor to really know the reality of the situation when he held

“We challenge Fijabi and other APC lackeys , to pick a date and a time and we
would meet them up for an inspection tour of the Circular Road, which they
blindly hail their late leader for ‘nearly completing’ or better still, they can
organise and use their falsehood machinery to fly a drone over the project and
see how the Ajimobi government fleeced the state.

“For the records, not one single kilometre of the Circular Road was delivered
throughout the eight years of the APC, but we can report that at least two
kilometeres of the road (on either side) had been taken to the asphaltic wearing
cost level, following the push by Governor Makinde.

“If the past administration had applied such pressure in its eight-year tenure, we
won’t be talking of the Ibadan Circular Road still being in progress at this time or
at least, the first phase of 32 kilometres would have been done with.”

He restated that Governor Makinde will deliver the 32 kilometre first stretch of the
road not later than May 2023 as earlier promised.

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