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Nigeria Alert, September 9, 2021

Two members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) from Ward 3 in Lagelu Local Government Area Oladosu Olusegun and Oyeleke Olusola has called on all organs of
the APC to immediately suspend a member of the Party, who was the immediate past Vice Chairman of the Lagelu west council Development Area. Abidemi Olagoke for
allegedly engaging in acts capable of factionalizing the party and making false statement against a well respected leader of the party, Chief Dauda Ademola Lawal.

The duo made this call while reacting to a petition written by Mr Olagoke
against the person of the two term member of the Oyo State House of Assembly and State Leader

Olagoke in the said write up has described the local congress candidates from ward 3 as ruse and sham accusing Hon Lawal of betrayal of confidence and usurpation of authority.

According to Oladosu Olusegun and Oyeleke Olusola, “Abidemi Olagoke has not only done injustice to himself or his ward but to the entire Lagelu local government for accusing such well respected leader of note and politician all because of his own selfish ambition”

“All what said the allegations of Mr Olagoke were lies from the pit of hell”
adding that Hon D A Lawal had fully accommodated every member of the APC since his coming into the party.

They described Olagoke as a mole in APC, accused him of misleading his little numbers of followers and ridiculing them openly all for his own selfish ambition not thinking of the consequences of his action.

“we would have ignored the report said to have been made by one Abidemi Olagoke from ward 3 in our local government area. But because of the feeble
nature of human mind and unsuspecting members of the public and for members of our party in Lagelu local government not to be misled. In the first place, this is a call to the our party to first suspend Olagoke for an act geared towards factionalization of the party In his ward.”

“Indeed, his statement is an evidence that he has been holding meetings with anti progressives minded people and groups and now he wants to use himself as a mole to create faction.

“we don’t think Olagoke is more APC than Hon D A Lawal as to know when people are
being sidelined or are being cheated

. “So, we call on the national and other organs of the APC to quickly check his unbecoming attitudes in the party, because we have reports of his several anti party moves and who knows opposition may wants to plant him in the party as a mole to cause faction, and we don’t need it.

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