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Story By Akinola Emmanuel, Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Comrade Solomon Olugbode is currently the Oyo state chairman of ACOMORAN, he recently respond to some issues about the union.

What has been the state of ACOMORAN in Oyo state in the last two years?

We have been doing our job peacefully, though the challenges the society is facing is general in as much as the union is also part of the society but it is still manageable

According to report in Nigeria that Non indigines /non Yorubas are coming to the south west, how have you been trying to ensure that those people didn’t mixed with the your members?

The union has a rule, and also a form to fill and someone to serve as their guarantor, there’s rule to follow, though we can only control our pack not all. The govt is aware of it, and the data of all Okada riders are been taking down, we know ourselves in our association.

What has been the challenges so far?

We are facing the same challenges the society is facing which is insecurity. Some hoodlums have been facing Okada riders more than two years but nobody want to listen, some people are now using Okada to perpetrate crimes, so the society can’t identify the wicked ones and in most cases Okada riders are always arrested as the perpetrator because the evil perpetrator would have left the venue leaving the bike and this always implicate okada riders.

How do you fund your association?

There’s a ticket given to all member, some of the vehicle riders are not cooperating, and since it is not a force there’s always a low income, only few cooperate, only those who are law abiding, decent and understand normally pay most times.

There are three kind of okada riders, what are you doing to come together?

Most of the union are ACOMORAN members, because ause ACOMORAN has a Constitution,which we believe that Constitution is a guide to any association, so some people after their tenure they moved to other unions and forcefully take control of the park, some people believe they just have to be part of anywhere ACOMORAN want to Operate.

Though we are ready to accommodate other union if they ready to be law abiding.

What’s the relationship between ACOMORAN and NURTW?

Presently NURTW has been proscribed, there’s no any NURTW

What will be the demnad of the union from the government?

We want autonomy from the government. When motor managers hijack garages from the okada riders, but their ways of operating is quite different.

Okada Riders are mostly people that went to school but couldn’t secure job, retired civil servant, pensioners.

We want the Governments to put in place a body that will be responsible for okada riders.

Acomoran members always go for seminar but what of those that didn’t belong to any party.

We should not look at the bad side of the job,but those who are making it while doing the job

How do you describe last two years of Governor Seyi Makinde?

He has done well, for he has been putting light to all the darkness in all section by paying the salary at the right time, I can see him as a light to the world

What will be your advice to the people of the state?

My advice for them is for them to support the government, to whom much is given much is expected.

What will be your advice to the members of the association?

My advice is that the government has a good plan for the state so we should support them.
Government can’t be everywhere so as we are securing our state we are also securing our lives

How can we identify them members of Acomoran?

We have a blue uniform with orange stripe

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