Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Adedeji Fatimah

Honorable Seyi Adisa a lawmaker in Oyo State house of Assembly representing Afijio state constituency, has distributed some food items in an effort to ease the burden among the people of his constituency following the stay home directives of the Federal Government.

The lawmaker in the 9th assembly who has previously sensitaize the people of his constituency in avoiding gathering of more than 10 people in fighting the deadly and contagious disease known as Coronavirus codenamed COVID-19 in the state.

Hon. Seyi Adisa in his kind gesture and a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus ravaging the state also by helping Afijio constituents to maintain social distancing has donated Some food items to his constituency.

Some of the items donated by Hon.Adisa are ;bags of beans,garri , semolina, salt rolls of pasta(spaghetti) pepper, and tomato paste and other necessities.

The lawmaker representing Afijio state constituency said ” i just over saw the launch of an economic stimulus package to help my constituents I Afijio cushion the effects of the #stay home directive in light of our nation COVID-19 situation.”

He admonished the people of Afijio to stay hone with their live ones and observe a preventive and proactive measures also to be of self help and value their neighbor’s.

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