Thursday, August 11, 2022


By Adedeji Fatimah

The chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) Oyo state chapter, Pastor Benjamin Akanmu has said that the year 2020 will bring good tidings and blessings to people who seek God diligently.

Pastor Akanmu, a senior pastor in Christ Apostolic Church in Ibadan said God has prepared year 2020 for those who will deny themselves of worldly pleasures and seek him with all their heart, adding that these category of people will enjoy God’s presence and good tidings.

The clergy gave the revelation while speaking with Nigerian Alert  Reporter Adedeji Fatimah in the first CAC prayer  House general secretariat.

Pastor Benjamin Akanmu said people have to pray hard in the year 2020 to attract God’ s blessing adding that those who believe in the existence of God should be expecting good news as no calamity is expected in the year.

He also called on  government to intensify efforts on providing adequate security for the people in the year 2020, adding that security matters need to be taken as a matter of urgency for peace to thrive in the land.

“Progress can only thrive in a peaceful country or environment where there is tranquility. Government have all the manpower and resources to combat and reduce crimes in the country while the people also need to do their own parts by cooperating with government.”

The man of God recalled that, in some part of the Northern  States Christians are facing  persecution.

According to him, there are good and bad prophecies but people should not allow bad prophecies prevail as a result of their sinful acts, just as he called on Nigerians to be praying to God so as to allow good tidings to come to pass in the nation.

He advised Nigerians to keep praying to God and serve Him with all their heart so as not to allow evil prevail in the land.

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