Thursday, July 7, 2022

Nigeria Alert Friday August 13 2021

The founder and spiritual leader, Shafaudeen in Islam, Prof Sabitu Olagoke has lambasted religious leaders in Nigeria over what he described as “Deceitful Teaching of the Holy Books”.

Prof Olagoke while speaking with journalists at his Wakajaye, Ibadan residence expressed surprise that instead of leading their followers to through the right path, religious leaders are only teaching false message.

He described many difficulties confronting Nigeria as a result of inabilities of the revered men of God in Nigeria to preach the truth.

Prof Olagoke stressed the need for religious leaders to lead their followers aright as they will one day stand before their maker to give account of their stewardship before him.

He added that religious leaders should be a pointer to the right path but regrettably, they are preaching earthly desires thereby leading their followers astray.

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