Saturday, October 16, 2021

Honestly this is not the best of times for the army of occupation, holding on to power in Oyo State, clutching on to anything desperately.

What would sign post their morbid fear of losing the power that was coveted against their expectations than the statements emanating from the seat of power like the recent one from the Governors Chief of Staff, Bisi Ilaka, reminding the populace of the orgy scene of past “Wild Wild West”.

The populace should note that, since March 9th 2019 Gubernatorial Election in Oyo State, when our Party, APC was convinced that the Mandate given to us was “snatched at Gun-point”, we chose the most civilized way of ventilating our grievances, allowed, which is to approach the Judiciary.

The first Tribunal gave Judgement to the army of occupation in power, we did not incite the public.

With our believe in Peace as exemplified by the Peace and Security that was the order of the day during the Government of H. E, Sen Abiola Ajimobi, we never incite anybody against the Government of H. E, Engr SEYI MAKINDE, but still took our case to the Court of Appeal, where Four out of Five Judges affirmed that APC and BAYO ADELABU was unfairly treated by the lower Tribunal.

Funny enough, PDP and their advocates had been claiming that the Judgement of the court of Appeal was in their favour, yet they are now inciting the public ahead of the Supreme Court Judgement.

One would have expected PDP to be relaxed ahead of the Judgement of the Supreme Court but they cannot be relaxed because they are fully conscious of the underhand deal that got them to power hence their desperation to hang on to power at all cost.

However, it would be appropriate to remind PDP Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE that 20 years journey of crooked-lies, takes only a day Journey for truth to right the wrong.

The PDP may be planning to unleash mayhem on the innocent citizens of Oyo State if the Supreme Court verdict does not go their way.

However, APC in Oyo State assure the peace loving residents of Oyo State of their security before, during and after the Judgement.

That PDP is talking of Wild, Wild West is behaving through to type, while Oyo State APC is reassuring Oyo State people of adequate protection of their Lives and Properties which is synonymous with APC, Oyo State.

The PDP is not just starting to displaying their desperation, it would be ideal to remind the Public that Governor Seyi Makinde even declared himself Governor-Elect on March 10th 2019 afternoon when it was becoming too late for INEC to declare him Governor-Elect.

The PDP Government desperation has been escalated to the point of getting the market group to embark on Road Show Solidarity as if that is tenable as exhibit at the apex Court.

Honestly, the PDP Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE is not envied because they are lost totally with Governance such that the whole of the state capital has been overtaken by Dirt, Filth and Wastes, which has taken the neatness IBADAN bequeathed to the Engr SEYI MAKINDE led administration to the Principe of EPIDEMICS.

As if that is not enough, Engr SEYI MAKINDE led Government is also distracting itself with unnecessary intervention with the Elected Local Government Chairmen and Councillors dissolution, which if allowed to continue exercising their their Mandate would have spent another 6 months of their tenure but alas Engr SEYI MAKINDE just decided to fish in unnecessary trouble water, after slip-slod puerile display of naivety in Governance on IBADAN CIRCULAR ROAD saga and others.

Finally, since APC Oyo State intended to Govern the people, we are urging the Oyo State residents to disregard any call to violence, brigandage and arson from drowning Government.


AbdulAzeez Olatunde
Publicity Secretary
7th December 2019

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