Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Polyibadan Students’ Union Blows Hot, Obliges the students not to pay school fees, hostel fees.

By: Temiloluwa Oyeniyi

Sequel to the meeting held by the Students’ Union of The Polytechnic, Ibadan on the 30th of January, the Union called on all faculty presidents, departmental presidents, public relation officers to stop students from making payments on the school portal.

According to the reports gathered, this is as a result of the lack of residence for students for over four weeks of resumption and the defective portal for clearance. According to the Students Union President, they have passed the two ALUTA protocols which implies consultation and consolidation, and the time for confrontation is now.

In a bid to investigate further, it was discovered that the hostel closure has been a nagging menace at one’s ribcage which was not so in the previous years.
Students who spoke with our correspondent said it’s been about five weeks of resumption and students are expected to have been on campus and settled in but reverse is the case as some students who are not residents of Ibadan are yet to have access to hostels.

“Seeing as the hostel holds a freshman priority, the sophomore students who get the rooms on ‘privileges’ are forced to squat with friends in the bleak hopes the portal would be opened. Now we have an overcrowded environment outside the campus.

The students would blame the management, the management would say it’s the government’s reform. At this point, it’s hard to fault the SUG stands, after all, they were voted in by students, on students’ right. And if they can’t fight for that, then they are just figureheads hoping to siphon state funds.”

Our Correspondent said there has not been any move linking to the cause of the delay but it was observed that the story is different now as there is a website, there is a specified payment, but it’s not going through. At this point, most students have already rented apartments outside, and it would be totally unfair to them to have to pay another N20, 000 for hostel. Most especially because it was not the fault of the students; they wanted to pay, they could not, lectures started, they had to attend class so they went for the next best thing, getting private apartments.

Furthermore, on the specified payment, the management has decided to combine all necessary payments in one go, that is, the tuition fee, hostel fee, faculty and departmental levy, the entrepreneurship, medical and insurance fees. While this is a very commendable move to have students pay all package ones and for all, one also has to consider the economy, the sum of this is about seventy-five (N 75, 000).

In a chat with some students Advocates, the combination of the fees would rebuff some students who don’t have enough funds ready. They however suggested that the hostel payment is separated to have those interested to do so. In addition to their plead, over two hundred stalites intend to retain a space in the hostel, this would have them at an impasse.

Some students also opined that probably the management intend to do some renovations but it was observed by the correspondent that there has been no renovations of any kind in the hall of residence.

Management of the institution is however urged to attend to these issues to avoid the excuse of students missing lectures as well as prevent any riot from occurring.

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