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Nigeria Alert September 26, 2021

The Resident Electoral Commissioner in Oyo state, Barrister Mutiu Agboke said at the appropriate time, the law would be made to take its course on the allegations against his person by a group within Oyo State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as they will be made to prove the allegations before a competent court of jurisdiction.

In a release by the Oyo INEC Head of Department, Voter Education, Gender and Publicity, Mrs Catherine Ogwu said Barr Agboke was never “at any meeting with Governor Seyi Makinde on Saturday, or received 10million naira directly or by proxy as insinuated by these enemies of Democratic norms or instruct the staff of the commission at the local government to close the office at 1pm on the day of Congress with the intention of not receiving the result of the factional group in the PDP. “

The release also faulted the claim that he frustrated the party Saturday ward congress.

“The attention of the Resident Electoral Commissioner of Oyo State, Barrister Mutiu Agboke has been drawn to a spurious, baseless and unfounded allegations by a faceless and attention seeking group,  the immediate reaction of the Resident Electoral Commissioner is not to give undue popularity to these individuals by joining issues with a faceless and unguided people, but for the discerning minds in Oyo State who might be concerned about the propaganda targeted at the person of the REC.

What else, the faceless group has demonstrated ignorance to the effect of not knowing the mandate of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, at relating with registered political parties and not a factional group or groups.”

The release disclosed that INEC mandate is to relate will political parties and NOT FACTIONAL GROUP OR GROUPS .

It added that this is what Oyo State INEC has done as it affects the People’s Democratic Party, PDP’s ward congresses held on Saturday. And we will continue to do always.

“The leadership of PDP in Oyo State had written INEC informing the Commission of its congresses at ward level, stating the venues for the said congresses with the names of personnel and their respective phone numbers and officials of the Commission were accordingly deployed to the venues of the congresses as dictated by the leadership of PDP in Oyo State.

Whoever is waiting for the INEC to be deployed to their rooms or their beer parlours for whatever reasons is only waiting for the winking of a crab, such person or persons will stay longer than usual by the river bank.

Political Parties and most importantly the good people of Oyo State are assured of an unbiased electoral umpire under acceptable Democratic norm and will never serve the interest of individuals over the collective Democratic interest of the generality of the people.”

It added it is a “fact that the intention of this unscrupulous faceless group was not to taint the unscathed image and integrity of the Hon REC, but to cast the aspersions of impartiality as well.

Agboke is a man of integrity, Honour and determination to do the right thing at all times as demonstrated by him in the last general election in 2019. There is no amount of campaign of calumny, intimidation, harassment, name dropping, spurious allegations that will intimidate him from doing the right thing.

Oyo state INEC reiterates very strongly that it will not under no circumstances give recognition to any factional groups in any political party using INEC to validate its activities for legitimacy.”

It further pointed that INEC has the list of the state Executive members that it has been relating with for its electoral activities.

It stated that this will only change if there is a direction from the National executive committee of the parties to the otherwise adding that those state executive members shall remain the recognized executive members by Inec oyo state.

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