Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde has been advised to be more vigorous and systematic in his government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic in the State in order to contain the spread of the disease and mobilize the citizens particularly at the grassroots into action.

ALGON, in a release by his Oyo State chapter chairman, Prince Ayodeji Abass Alesinloye acknowledges the renewed effort of the Governor after the initial lethargy, but said that covid-19 is not an urban based pandemic as the commendable effort of the State Government has suggested.

“Since Covid-19 has no frontier, we appeal to Mr. Governor to activate grassroots medical and information machinery for prevention and identification of cases at the Local Government level where the vast majority of our people live but with many of them bringing their farm products to urban markets to sell and earn income.”

“This is one of the ways for contact, infection and transmission of the disease from urban to rural, and from rural to rural areas.

“The closeness of Oyo State to Lagos State with the highest number of index cases so far, where Oyo State traders and grassroots farmers engage in business makes the need to focus on the people at the grassroots at this time more important than before.

Oyo ALGON said there is also a need for the Government to make test kits and other testing materials available at the grassroots level and not only the elites,the well-to-do people and celebrities in the society that are having accessibility to these materials.

Prince Alesinloye disclosed that ALGON is ready to cooperate with the State Government in mobilizing people in the rural and semi-urban areas to be part of the initiative of grassroots focus against the pandemic.

“We wish to appeal to our people not to see covid-19 as urban and elitist pandemic. Please obey all the directives and medical advices from the government and its medical team, play safe and be coronavirus free.”

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