Saturday, October 16, 2021
Oyo NSCDC Warns Public Against Volating Government Order  By Damilola Adekanlu

The Oyo State Commandant, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps(NSCDC) Iskilu Akinsanya have warn member of the public that henceforth social distancing and inter state border closure orders should be strictly adhere to as the Federal and State Government have ease the lockdown especially in neighbouring states.

He directed commercial motorcyclists (Okada) not to carry more than one passenger, while Tricyclists should carry only two passengers, Commercial Taxis should carry three (3) passengers(one in the front and two at the back) and no commercial Buses should carry more than one passenger in front and not more than three(3) on each row at the back seat.

The Commandant who promised to ensure that law and order is maintain in synergy with sister agencies also urged the good people of Oyo State to obey all lawful order of the government to prevent the spread of Corona virus through social distancing,uses of facial mask and personal hygiene.

Commandant Iskilu added that anybody that refused to stay in their state of residence will be arrested by his men at the border point or boundary of Oyo State and be prosecuted.

He stated further that he has ordered his men across the state to enforce social distancing and border closure order of the Government in the state.

Commandant Akinsanya added that Corona virus can infect anyone if they move closer to infected person through Cough or Sneezing and by touching surfaces or object that infected people have touched.

He advised residents of Oyo state not to stigmatise anybody that have been treated and discharge by NCDC, “Virus don’t discriminate and neither should we do.” He said.

He added that no inter state transportation will be allowed in Oyo state as men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and sister agencies at various pin down point or check point will ensure total compliance with the Government directives except those on essential duty as allowed by the Government .

He encourage the good people of Oyo state to support NSCDC by giving timely information to nip crime in the bud and NCDC to stop the spread of Covid 19 pandemic.

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