Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Oyo State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has congratulates Muslim community on commencement of Ramadan.

In a release by the state publicity Secretary of APC, Dr Azeez Olatunde thanked Almighty Allah for on behalf of all Muslims across the state for witnessing another Ramadan.

“Prophet Muhammad (pboh) in announcing RAMADAN would always say “O people, the month of Ramadan, the Great, Sacred month has come with its mercies, blessings and forgiveness because Almighty Allah has decreed Ramadan as the Best of all months.

“This is the month you have been invited to Fast and Pray, where your good deeds are instantaneously accepted while your invocations are answered.”

“Indeed, miserable is the one who is deprived of Allah’s forgiveness in this great and sacred month of Ramadan because while you are Fasting, give Alms to the poor and the Needies, you pay respect to the Elderly, have sympathy for the youngsters, kind towards your relatives and kinsmen, guard your tongue against unworthy words and your eyes from forbidden scenes and your ears from unworthy sounds.

The Party in the statement said “anyone who offers recommended Prayers, respect and treat orphan and kinsmen with kindness and other good obligations during this sacred month of Ramadan, his reward will be seventy times the reward of other months and Allah will show him mercy.”

The Party also urge Islamic faithfuls to remember social distancing by avoiding mass gathering in order to prevent community transmission of the Corona Virus in Taraweeh, Tafsir and other observations.

It said where skeletal programs may likely hold, mitigation measures must be put in place like holding the event outdoor, ensuring adequate ventilation, provision of handwashing materials with soap.

It admonished the Elderly and people with existing medical challenges to be discouraged from mass gathering while COVID 19 patients should avoid Fasting altogether as they would do with any other health problems.

“In view of the law against congregational actions and physical mass gathering for Tafsir and other programs, on-line, Radio and Television options should be explored to restrict avoidable mingling to curtail the spread of this COVID-19 Pandemic.”

“On behalf of all APC members in Oyo State, we wish our Muslims Brethren, RAMADAN MUBARAK.”

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