Wednesday, August 10, 2022


The on going cases of dissolution of the democratically elected Local Government Councils by Governor Seyi Makinde led administration in Oyo State must by now be clearly appeared even to the blind that the Governor with his co-travellers are out on a witch-hunt mission.

The Local Government election that brought we, the Chairmen and Councillors were conducted after all the legal encumbrances were cleared. Funnily enough, the song of the election that brought us in were “kangaroo in nature, hurriedly conducted and even against the Court Order” were the one the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr Taiwo Adisa is spreading to brainwash the discerning minds. It is disappointing and surprising when sometimes, people you believe and expect should know better and guide the general public, using touch of professionalism and ethics are the ones misleading them because of the benefits of office that are transient in nature. Taiwo Adisa should learn to apply brakes where necessary. He should see caution and apply it accordingly. Four years is very much around the corner. His conduct as a professional journalist should be a pride to the journalistic profession and things should be done not to satisfy one’s selfish desire as he has been doing.

Scholarly, the issue surrounding the dissolution of the democratically elected Local Government Councils have been discussed and debated in various quarters and several fora, the outcome of which always ends on the need to allow rules of law to prevail, by allowing the Chairmen and the Councillors who were democratically elected in a free and fair election to complete their tenure. Both the judgement of the Supreme Court ( which we have been citing in our releases) barred or prohibit either the Governor, House of Assembly or any of their accredited agents from sacking or dissolving democratically elected officials. Elections were duly conducted and there is a subsisting judgement by the Oyo State High Court which favours the elected Chairmen but later appeal by the State Government.

With all the aforementioned intellectual submissions, the Governor Makinde led administration has clearly shown *total disrespect for the rule of law and assault to the third arm of government.*
As if all these were not enough, the Governor went ahead to appoint illegal Caretaker Chairmen into all the Local Government Councils and LCDAs, despite the pending appeal he instituted. What an height of illegality!
He refused to obey the judgement of the Supreme Court which also recently (in another judgement) affirmed his victory. What a double standard! If things were to continue the way Governor Seyi Makinde led administration is toying with the pronouncement of the court and we keep watching as a people , it means the judiciary has a lot to do.
With the insistence and continual emphasis that the past administration of Governor Ajimobi defies Court Order to conduct Local Government elections, we want to challenge the judiciary and indeed the general public to request for a copy of record of that *Order* from the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde as being touted by his spoke person before their respected and Noble profession are being dragged into the murky water of politics.

Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye
ALGON Chairman,
Oyo State.

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