Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Osi Basorun Adeduntan will restore Hijra holiday ISA and IJN come 2023.

by Akinola Fajinmi

Alhaji Azeez Adeduntan

The Osi Basorun of IBADAN LAND -Alhaji Adeduntan today viewed with grave concerns-the purported deletion of Hijra holiday from the annals of calendared and recognized holidays by oyo state GOVERNMENT started by late GOVERNOR AJIMOBI to maintain religion harmony in OYO STATE as evidenced by a release from his media office in ibadan today.

It indeed showed religion insensitivity of the highest order and lack of understanding of Islamic faith.
But for HIJRA-the flight of MOHAMMED(PBOH)from mecca to Medina) there would have been no Islam.But for the resurrection of Jesus Christ (prophet Isa)alae salam ,there would have been no Christianity.

Osi Basorun adeduntan who is neither a fanatic or a demagogue advised this current GOVERNMENT to be sensitive to all religions in the state in order to maintain peace and tranquility and rescind this insensitive decision.

Repairing a damaged Mosque building or building a mosque for Muslims means nothing compared to the fundamental origin of Islam-Hijra.if this is due to error of commission or omission,.Monsa ALLAH Hijra will be restored in 2023.
Dr adeduntan admonished all Muslims to have faith in Allah who sees all things(Q:40:44),keep the peace and respect all faiths as we are all worshipping the same GOD-GOD OF ABRAHAM.

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