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January 31, 2021

“I want the set of people who are ready to succeed not survive….” Dr Azeez Popoola Adeduntan”

The grim old days of surgery without anaesthetics seem to be removed from us by ages, yet it was less than four decades ago that the brilliant physician Dr.Azeez Adeduntan, became vascular surgeon and out of twenty two thousand and sixteen vascular surgeons around the world, we have about two thousand and one black men which Dr. Azeez Adeduntan is one of them.

To heal the sick and to save life- such were two objectives of the medical profession in the early part of the nineteenth century. To add to those two admirable ideals only a third was needed- but it was seldom constructively countered- the elimination of pain.

For a man to be a surgeon in those days he had to have qualities not unlike those of a successful butcher. He had to be quick and nimble with his fingers, insensible to pain in others, and brusque in his manner. Otherwise no one had any confidence in him. It never occurred to anyone that there were any other qualifications needed in the medical profession.

Dr. Azeez Adeduntan ‘a wise wean’ who has caused the much needed change and bring a great and permanent benefit to humanity. He researched on Tran femoral endovascular Techniques-A new era in Vascular Surgery. Abstract published in journal of current Surgery, volume 53, // 2, February 1996 and also importing standardized drugs for free health care in the country.

The operating tables of the time were only one degree less terrible than the torture chambers of the medieval barons in developed countries. Except that they were there to be healed not killed, the patients endured much the same agony and saw instruments every whit as terrible and often as dirty.

The procedure too was much the same. To stop the patient from struggling and interfering with the surgeon he would be bound hand and foot. He could see the instruments spread here and there around him, and he could hear the bubbling and smell the smoke of the boiling tar which he knew would be used to seal the wound when the surgeon had done his task. Often he would faint, mercifully, before an operation was completed. These methods were so commonplace that the doctors and students of tertiary institution in Nigeria were astonished when Dr. Azeez Adeduntan expressed his disgust.

He spent his early years in the primitive and superstitious atmosphere at the centre of Ibadan city. The slaughter of animals was a commonplace event to him; and what was worse; he even witnessed such things, eight years after he left secondary school, when a hunch- back comedian star artiste absconded from the land during Ogunpa water flood, a cow was buried alive for sacrifice, August 30th 1980.

It may be that these impressions helped him in his determination in later life to further medical study at College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University, Harlem Hospital Centre, New York USA. As a young man, he was quick at studies and practical in everything he did. He was observant and athletic, and he soon became known as the brightest in the school at New York.

Poor though they were, Adeduntan family decided that Azeez should be given a chance of making a name for himself, and they pooled their money to send him to school and then he had a stroke of luck which was to have a great influence on his career by been given scholarship to study by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Born over five decades ago at Oja’ba Ibadan Nigeria, in a nation where many of its politicians and elite at the corridors of power are fond of stashing their country’s resources in other developed economies in the world; some others are using their own legitimate hard earned resources from developed countries to improve the lives of the downtrodden in their countries. One of such patriotic Nigerians is Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan.

He is a man that still believes in the Nigerian project, though the nation today is on the precipice. His passion for a better Nigeria and his home state in Nigeria can be likened to that of a prophet sent by God for a particular purpose on Earth.

A politician, Vascular Surgeon, Publisher of the second largest national newspaper that springs up in Ibadan land and an Entrepreneur that embarks on a project at Fiditi town to be manufacturing fruit juice in order to create more jobs to the youths.

While many individuals join politics because of pecuniary motives; Adeduntan’s motive for joining politics is to serve and give back to humanity

Education :

1993-1995 Havard Medical School-Deaconess Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

1986-1993 College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University, Harlem Hospital Centre, New York City New York USA.

1981-1982 National Youth Service Corps, Lagos state staff clinic, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

1974-1981 University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

1968-1972 African Church Grammar School, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Honours & Awards :

6/95 Harvard Chair- donated by the division of Vascular Surgery; Harvard-Deaconess Surgical Service, for outstanding performance during fellowship training –Harvard Deaconess Surgical Service, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

6/95; Chairman’s Book-prize for excellent performance in Vascular fellowship training-Harvard Deaconess Surgical Service, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

6/95: Book-Prize for excellent academic performance by the Vascular Surgeons- Harvard Medical School, Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachussetts.

.1999: 90% correct, American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers- Vascular Technology Examination.

.1993: Diector’s Book Prize for Excellent Academic Achievement Columbia- Harlem Hospital Centre, New York, USA.

.1992: Ranked 99th percentile in the 1991 American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination.

.1991: Ranked 98th percentile in the 1991 American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination

In the truest sense he is the Vascular Surgeon of the decades.

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