Friday, September 17, 2021

By Adeola Shogunle, Saturday, June 19, 2021

No doubt, the last has not been heard about the nomination of candidates by the APC folds for the upcoming July 24th, 2021 local government elections in Lagos State. Issues arisen from the primaries are still being resolved responsibly by the party leadership to avoid failure at the polls and also not to deny the grassroots populace a deserving good govenance. The party leadership is very much aware of the guidelines of the State electoral body; LASIEC, hence they are doing everything speedily within the ambit of the law.

However, as the State leadership of APC is doing everything to make things work out for the party at the polls, Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo and his failed candidate; Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede aka Kendu are desperately exploiting all ways to undermine the decision of the party, despite the fact that Oshodi-Isolo Local Government people have outrightly rejected them in all their actions.

It will be recalled that out of desperation, ahead of the May 29th, 2021 primaries in Oshodi-Isolo, MC
Oluomo infiltrated the state Governor’s Advisory Council; GAC with large sum of money in millions of naira and some members of the council promised him that his candidate; Kendu will be returned as APC flag bearer against the wish of the people, this is in addition to having gifted 18 brand new vehicles to leaders of the party in Oshodi including the Apex leader of the party.

The duo induced the acting chairman of the party financially further to the extent of declaring and pledging publicly for kendoo on the eve of the fouled primary election. By this act alone, level playing field had been removed from other contestants and this played itself out in the primaries.The electoral officers provided for the primaries were predominantly members from the Oloyede/MC Olumo group which allowed for all the electoral malpractices that came up in the primaries.

Out of desperation, he mobilised thugs, huge sums of money, dangerous weapons and security men and was seen moving from ward to ward, intimidating, harassing and forcing lawful party voters to cast their votes for Kendu or be chased out of the various venues of the primary elections in Oshodi-Isolo on 29th May, 2021 against the rules of the party and wish of the people.

Out of desperation; Kendoo also declared himself a winner and returned himself as the Chairmanship candidate of the APC ahead of the polls against the wish of the people and the rules of the party.

After the primary charade, Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo donated a brand new Jeep to the acting caretaker Chairman; Oshodi-Isolo Local Government; Hon. Saheed Animashaun as a compensation for joining them in the crime committed during May 29th party primaries against the will of the people of Oshodi and rules of the party.

Despite all their desperations to continue to control the public transportation of the State and public governance in Lagos, the party leadership dropped the name of Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede aka Kendu according to the official list of candidates released by LASIEC inline with the rules of the party and in support of people’s wish.

However, out of serious subliminal desperation and competition with Bola Tinubu to control the government of Lagos State starting from Oshodi local government against the people, Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo convene what he called reconciliation meeting with no notable stakeholders of the APC Oshodi-Isolo in attendance.

The graveyard reconciliation efforts is another desperate move to deceive the party leadership and make them believe all is well in Oshodi-Isolo APC but alas! It is a sham, all is not well. As we speak, the people of Oshodi are in great fear now because they believe if MC Oluomo should succeed in deceiving the party leadership with this graveyard reconciliations, their hope of better govenance will be dashed.

Traders in Oshodi are also scared stiff of the duo given their antecedents in various form of violence and Oloyede’s exorbitance landlordship over his numerous tenants in the localty, the issue boils down to the misfit character of the duo for good govenance coupled with the sad irony that they have massively bribed the party apparatus at the local government level and browbeat the populace into massive level of fear.

It is evident that if this tracjetory of Oluomo/Oloyede is allowed Lagos State as a whole should brace itself for the emergence of the worst form of Adedibu politics after the Bola Tinubu era, what a legacy would that be and obviously leopard will not change it’s true colour.

Oshodi-Isolo people don’t want Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede aka Kendu as their Council Chairman nor Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo as the Godfather of the local government because his thuggery and violent characters are socially sending wrong signals to the young children of Oshodi and this is very sad for the parents.

The people of Oshodi-Isolo want the party leadership to uphold their right and timely decision to drop Kehinde Almoroof Oloyede aka Kendu as the party flag bearer and nominate a humane and an experienced candidate for them that will complement the intellectual works of Babajide Sanwoolu at the state level, at the local government level.


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