Monday, August 15, 2022
Olubadan Stool: Unite Lekan Balogun, Ladoja, Other Olubadan in Council, Adeduntan Counsels Makinde.

A Harvard trained ,board certified ,international cardiovascular surgeon and President, Adeduntan CardioVascular & Diagnostic Centre(ACDC),Ibadan Nigeria, Chief Dr. Azeez Popoola Adeduntan has counseled the Oyo state governor, Engr Seyi Makinde on the need to bring together warring factions over the controversy generated by the vacant Olubadan stool.

Adeduntan gave this counseling while reacting to a comment by Governor Makinde at the late Olubadan’s palace during his condolence visit on Tuesday.

Chief Dr. Adeduntan who is currently the Osi Basorun of Ibadanland and former cabinet member in the state ,during the immediate past administration of late Abiola Ajimobi urged him
to thread with caution on the olubadan stool.

It will be recalled that the state governor during his visit disclosed that he is ready to follow the stand of late Olubadan through and advised members of Olubadan in Council who were crowned by Ajimobi to revert to their former chieftancy titles and drop Obaship.

Adeduntan said the “departed monarch was my mentor and father, and I align with his love for ibadan land and orderly succession.

“But let me say here categorically without burying our heads in the sand like the ostrich (insincerity to the public) of this TRUISM-that all over the world ;traditions are not constant,but change is.

Whether we like it or not the 1957 IBADAN CITY CHIEFTAINCY DECLARATION and OYO STATE CHIEFTAINCY LAW are ripe for review and will surely happen if not now, but later. It is only a question of time.They are not sacrosanct. CHANGE will surely come..It will be delusional and wishful thinking otherwise.

How we manage change is important.It is poor management of this change by the previous administration and politics that have brought this imbroglio .For instance the OLUWO of IBADAN LAND had spoken ,that OBASHIP elevation was honorary as no traditional rites were done. The public does not know this.

Chief Dr. Adeduntan who is also nursing Governorship ambition in the state come 2023 said in retrospect,the problem with the 2017 review is that it was a hurried process ,without allowing the public to see the merits and demerits of the process and in not doing a holistic review of the 1957 declaration before attempting to modify the process therein.

He said the 1957 declaration is not sacrosanct, and that changes to traditions are occurring all over the world and IBADAN is part of the stratosphere, just like Japan where the emperor resigned due to ill health and another emperor crowned and Britain where kingship is no longer restricted to males..In KANO where new emirates were created recently and the emirs crowned contemporaneously,notwitwstanding the position of the emir SANUSI LAMIDO by current Governor GANDUJE.


“in the VATICAN,where a Pope resigned and another one was consecrated during the life time of the previous POPE (a sacrilege,never heard of) etc.

“A judicial victory or unilateral surrender by one faction or party will not bring lasting peace.

“While OSI BASORUN ADEDUNTAN ,has no favorite in this fight , but lasting PEACE in IBADAN LAND and orderly succession to the OLUBADAN’s throne,I advise GOVERNOR SEYI MAKINDE TO BRING ALL WARRING PARTIES TOGETHER and reach an amicable solution ,so that neither party would face shame or hurried departure from power.
This is the OMOLUABI style in IBADAN and YORUBA LAND. Give a defeated family member -soft landing.

Any judicial or political victory at this time is temporary and will not bring lasting peace.but “bad blood “.

Governor MAKINDE should also know that he is a lame duck GOVERNOR at this time and that power is transient.
Any extreme positions without coming to the centre by either parties,will be counter productive .


May GOD give you the Solomonic wisdom to handle well this delicate issue,” Adeduntan concluded.

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