Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Ogun Refutes Video of 25-year old Covid-19 patient’s purported death

The Ogun State Government has distanced itself from the video of a 25-year old young man who purportedly died in an isolation center, condemning the reckless act of filming a dying person.

In a statement released by the Commissioner for Dr Tomi coker said that there is no 25-year-old (Male) admitted into any of the isolation centers in Ogun State and the arrangement in the state wards is spacious to meet with the social distancing regulation stipulated by WHO Nigeria contrary to the space displayed in the propaganda video.

She said that the @PolarisBankLtd logo on the cabinet showing that it was donated by the said bank is a clear sign that the place in question is not an Ogun State isolation centre, adding that no single COVID-19 relief item was donated to Ogun State government by Polaris Bank.

Dr. Coker pointed out that the inscription on the wall of the background does not tally with any of the numerous encouraging wall inscriptions in Ogun State wards.

The Commissioner said that none of Ogun State isolation centres is painted in the colour shown in the footage.

Condemning the video, Coker said that it is inappropriate for an hospital environment meant for caring to be turned into such frivolous use.

She described the action as disheartening and futile smear campaign designed to denigrate the steady battle against COVID-19 in Ogun State.

“It is unfortunate that anyone would take delight in filming a dying patient rather than assist as the footage suggests,” the Commissioner stated.

Commenting on another mischievous picture depicting health workers in the State wearing bin bags as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Commissioner clearly stated that “all our health facilities are provided with appropriate PPE,” reassuring that health workers well-being and safety remain a priority to the present administration.

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