Thursday, August 11, 2022
Nigerian government to close Third Mainland Bridge for two weeks

The federal government will on January 12th close the Island-bound traffic of the Third Mainland Bridge for two weeks in continuation of the ongoing rehabilitation project.

This closure was announced in a statement by the Federal Controller for works in Lagos, Popoola Olukayode on Sunday.

Mr. Olukayode in his statement seeks for cooperation and understanding from the public, especially motorists.

“The contractor plans to shift the current diversion point 2 kilometres towards Oworonsoki and close to traffic the Lagos Island-bound carriageway including the Adekunle bound slip road beside the current diversion points for two weeks starting from Wednesday, January 12, to 27, 2021 to enable her to remove, replace and cast in place joint 23 after the current diversion point alongside the other two joints, 16 and 17 she is working on presently on the Lagos Island-bound carriageway,” he said.

The bridge will be reopened after the three joints have been cast and asphalted, Mr. Popoola assured.

The Third Mainland bridge has been closed a number of times in the past for reconstruction and maintenance.

In July last year, the government announced that the bridge would be closed off for a six months rehabilitation project.

The Bridge also had some of its segment closed for Christmas weekend. The reason for the closure then was to allow construction workers cast concrete on additional expansion joints on the Victoria Island-bound lane.

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