Monday, August 15, 2022


From the unknown world I write to you -Nigeria leaders at all levels. I am a self acclaimed Duce KING, but I think am lost. There’s no length or breadth, everywhere seems void. I can’t even hear my heart beat. I am writing to you Politicians since the days of Old, Perhaps you’ll get the text as contained in my diary.

We are indeed at a threshold, one as slippery as the sum of dreams, hopes and aspirations that have gone down the steep decline of neglect and disbelief.

This are solemn moments of Truth.
So now shall I speak.
Shall we talk as acolytes.
Shall I speak as a young voice crying in the wilderness saying -We will meet at the gate.

With each Passing day and the Many unpleasant news that comes with it, 2023 has never been more right for Youths to rise to the responsibility of leadership, taking off the Cloak of Passive participation, with mind and effort in the creative process for a better future with hope and confidence.

A chant from the Nigerian Youths Echoes distinctly from the the horizon seemingly far away saying -” We will meet at the gate of electoral decisions in 2023. Not like our meeting at the lekki toll gate, this time, it will be a meeting at the polls. And when we do meet this time, we will let you know that we are not our fathers.

He who becomes a king through the favor of the young should always keep on good terms with them which is easy for him to do, since all they ask is not to be oppressed.

Why then do our own leaders always desires to oppress her Young?.
Why are our leaders always exerting too much energy on negativity. Why not drive energy towards good governance, Being approachable, delivering good dividends of democracy across board. Letting every region, every tribe, every religion has it’s fair share and you can sleep with the two eyes closed.

But No, You would rather come to the gate with guns , suspensions, unemployments.
You desire to break our right to dream of a better Nigeria.
When next we meet at the gate,this time we will be ready.

George Eliot said it will never rain roses; when we want to have more roses we must plant more roses. May I also say, it will not rain peace, neither will peace fall from the sky. When we want to have peace, we must plant the seed of peace and unity.

Dear Politicians of Old, yes old because since 1960 you hold sway. Your duty is to be kind first then you can be right later, sometimes you must follow your conscience and not your duty.

If you indeed desire to raise this wounded Nation into a wondrous one, Do away with selfish interest, divisive statements, and pettiness that easily betides you.
You must move forward United to face the great challenges we face, pending when we meet you at the gate in 2023.

Thank you.

Samuel Akinola AFEFE
Is a Creative Writer, Films Production Manager and Human Rights Advocate.
He is the convener of #WeAreNotOurFathers Campaign.

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