Thursday, June 24, 2021
Nigeria: We Are Not Our Fathers. A Charge to Nigerian Youths


The Duce KING writes again from an unknown world.
I write this time to you -the Nigerian Youths.

This time am not lost, everywhere isn’t as void as when we met the Politicians at the gate. I can hear my heartbeat as I write to my fellow Youth.

I desire to speak as Acolytes.
I desire to speak as a voice crying in the wilderness saying -” We Are Not Our Fathers”.

Oh Yes we are not our fathers who came to the gate with guns, suspensions and threats to eat her Young. All we desire is a better Nation where every man will be equal in the sight of the law.

Each passing day, the young feel stifled.
We feel like we are constructed to cohabitate with several slaves masters whose mundane task was to lock the pierced lips of those before us before the start of work on a cashew plantation.

The visionary doesn’t bask in the sun in my country, rather, he despairs in it’s Glory. Do we then adopt the musings of the mediocre and lead the life of a drunk?, Or do we fight the battle and Cascade into limbo like many before us?. Lekki shootings comes to mind, and the wounds are still fresh in memory.

Dear Nigerian Youths, We are indeed not our fathers.
Our greatest opposition comes from within and not without. There are within us those perennially wired by society to be cynics, to have doubts and casts those unsubstantiated doubts about.
This is why we must rally together, hoisting our banners high for our strength is as much in our resolve as in the strength of our unity.
There may be those moments when we are tempted to let go of our resolve but only then at such time can we measure our mettle for the even more demanding role of leadership ahead.

Historically, the Youths have played active roles in Democratic transitions and Nation building in our dear country Nigeria. But as at today it remains a mystery how we have allowed constitutional regimes the excludes Youths from Politics and and decision making.
It is for the reason the movement “We Are Not Our Fathers” is birthed.

When we meet at the gate of electoral decisions in 2023, we must let our fathers know this generation is not like that of our fathers.

There is a coming winter, the white walkers are here already. We are different.
We are the generation of the brave. We are the watchers on the wall, the shield that guard the realms of Men.

We are the Nigerian Youths, and it behoves on us to raise the wounded Nation into a wondrous one.

The truth is not for all Men but for those that seeks it. We have seen the light, we’ve now been redeemed from Political Hemorrhage. We are no longer Political Hallelujah boys.

Together we can change the course of this Nations ship from imminent wreck and rebuild it on the Tenets of Unity, Faith, Peace and Progress.

Thank you and God bless.

Samuel Akinola AFEFE
Is a Creative Writer, Films Production Manager and Human Rights Advocate.
He is the convener of #WeAreNotOurFathers Campaign.

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