Thursday, August 11, 2022

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, Sunday June 6, 2021

The Founder and President, Christ The Light Ministry Inc, Ibadan Bishop Solomon Aremu has disclosed that there is a need to restructure Nigeria and not for any individuals or groups to call for secession.

Bishop Aremu made this disclosure during an interview with Nigeria Alert News recently.

Bishop Aremu said Nigerians should think of the implications that may arise as a result of secession which will have negative impact on the coming generations.

“the problem of who will lead in Yorubaland should also be considered because most of the current leaders in the land are not worthy to play such leadership role.”

The Bishop said Nigeria needs more prayer while government also must seek the counsel of genuine men of God and not those that called themselves because of what to eat.

Bishop Aremu explained that the problem of Nigeria started since 1966 during the military interference and the numerous problems have refused to go even though the nation now practise democracy, but in the real sense of it, those that governed are military officers under the guise of “agbada” and who knows the right thing but failed to do it.

“The scripture had predicted it that a time like this will come when people will no longer do the will of God but after things of the world.

People are seeking power from the devil, though world knows, but before God, they are servant of devil even though people are looking at them as God’s servant, they see visions, but their visions are not for free.

God made it that in the end time, fake prophet will be many,but yet there are still real prophet, those fake prophet are always popular within a short period of time and they disappeared.”

While commenting on the recent 31st anniversary of the church, Bishop Aremu said “the journey has been amazing because God manifest himself all through the journey of 31 years.

It looks like yesterday, I was working at Royal exchange insurance company before God called me even though then, I have a plan to be successful in life but God said he has a future for me.”

The Bishop added that there had been signs and wonders even though there are many challenges.

He advises President Buhari to pay attention to those things that unite Nigerians and shun all forms of divisive tendencies as well as people of retrogresive mind around him and his government.

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