Monday, July 26, 2021
Nigeria Border Closure Is A Blessing To Nigeria – Agoro

The Presidential Candidate of National Action Council (NAC) Dr Olapade Agoro has described the closure of the Nigeria border as a major blessing and economic independence for the nation.

He said whether the closure is good or not the result is a justification even though the closure is painful to some people, it is very beneficial to the nation explaining that before the porous border has over time become source of worry to the nation.

“The President in his first term never think of generating fund to support his government but now he have some crack people, members of the public in his team who are given him daily input into his policy development, and that one of this is border closure.”

“In few weeks of the closure, the federal government has generated a whole lot of money into the coffers of the government, so we have to look critically from that, if its a policy generating money into the coffers of the government”

Dr Agoro further describes as unreasonable the dependent of Nigerians on imported rice and emphasised on the need for people to grown its own rice as well as stick more to local foods which prices has not risen since the nation’s border were closed.

On the anti corruption drive of the federal government, The clergyman said the currentacting chairman of EFCC, is the best the nation has ever seen because he’s really tackling the issue of corruption with many corruption cases which has been determined by the court adding more selfish politicians will still be convicted.

On the appeal court judgement of Bayo Adelabu and Governor Seyi Makinde, Dr Olapade Agoro described the pronouncement of the court as confusing and not too clear about the judgement, calling on Chief Justice Of Nigeria and National Judicial council to intervene.

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