Sunday, April 11, 2021
Naijatainment With Aunty Dorcas

By Dorcas Ajuwon

This weekend, we are looking into the brief profile of two Nigeria popular entertainers. They are Ibrahim Chatta and Lizzy Anjorin.

His full name is Abiodun Ibrahim Chatta. Ibrahim Chatta state of origin is Kwara. He grew up in a large family of 14 children and the mother originates from Modakeke in Osun state.

Ibrahim Chatta reportedly does not have a secondary or higher education but became a successful Nollywood actor.

The lack of education Ibrahim commented, “Everything happened because of the pressure of peers. He was young, I was attracted to everything new, and he could not put my mind that education is so important. Since he was a child, he wanted to become an actor, but he had no idea that it would take so much.

As a result, he left school in the third grade.” He had never studied at university but had learned a lot on his own.

  • Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin, best known as Lizzy Anjorin, is an award-winning Nollywood actress, producer, and entrepreneur.

Until she revealed her life story, the actress was a mystery to her fans and colleagues.

She managed to build a glorious career from humble beginnings in the streets.

She has attributed her success to the struggles she had while growing up. From living in the streets to working as a housemaid, the actress has experienced it all.

She decided to pursue acting to fulfill her passion and also escape poverty.

Today, Lizzy Anjorin is a living example of human strength.

She is a wonderful actress, a loving mother and a strong personality indeed. Her story of rags to riches is an inspiration to many in Nigerian.

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