Wednesday, September 22, 2021
My Husband Was So Ugly And Broke When I Married Him – Mide Martins

Story By Dorcas Ajuwon

Really, no woman loves poverty. Every spinster wants a charming prince with wads of naira bills. Truth be told, a large percentage of single ladies would hardly go for a man who earns N50,000 monthly and he’s without a car!

But hundreds would do anything to get a rich bachelor with a fantastic pay or a booming business who can foot the bill of a grand wedding that is Instagram-worthy.

You can count the number of ladies who ‘build the future’ with an ‘upcoming’ guy.

Mide, who is the daughter of late actress, Funmi Martins grabbed what life thrust at her when she lost her beautiful mother.

Afeez Owo was her late mother’s manager who helped her with all the works the deceased could not complete before her death.

You would agree that Afeez is not a ‘Prince Charming’, unlike his beautiful wife. Well, Mide gave a reason why she agreed to date him 20 years ago.

She confessed that she rejected him when he initially asked her out.

“Of course, it sounded strange when he initially came up with that idea, I asked him if he was okay. I did not even think it would be possible because I saw him like my brother and we were very close. Initially, I told him it was not possible for us to become lovers but with time, I saw some qualities in him which I admired.”

The qualities the beautiful actress and now mother of two saw was not money because Afeez wasn’t rich or good-looking then.

Maybe she can explain in her own words, “He proved to be a reliable person. He is faithful, caring and has a good heart plus the fact that he is very easy-going. All of these appealed to me and I reasoned that I should give him a chance in my life.”

Still staying happily married 19 years after, Mide would advise any lady seeking a man to marry to adhere to this advice

The couple is blessed with two wonderful kids.

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