Monday, August 15, 2022

Relationship as been the most Paramount step to take in life.

By Dorcas Ajuwon

Here are tips for a successful relationship:

The first and foremost is to be patient with your partner,avoid forcing your lover to do something against he’s or her wish, let everything happen at the right time.

Another name for relationship is “EPISODE OF ERROR”, a situation where the both side has two different attitudes and try to make it possible, its a period of try and error.

To be an understanding partner is also Paramount,try to believe whatever your partner says though it may not be true sometimes,but believe that he or she lie because of respect.

In as much as blood run in our vain definitely quarrel is inevitable,is normal to fight and to forget,a relationship cannot be interesting if there’s no misunderstanding.

Furthermore try to be extra ordinary caring , even if your partner didn’t give you reason to be caring,try to prove him or her wrong and how caring you her direct or indirectly you are teaching your partner practical of love.

Understand the best channel your partner loves,try to understand the method of communication she want, communication in a relationship is as essential as water in the life of human.

When a chapter in a story is bad that doesn’t mean the whole story is bad, maintain the channel of communication,let the building of the relationship continue like the foundation

Don’t let love,trust, understanding patient be once upon a time in your relationship.

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