Saturday, November 27, 2021

A former Commissioner for local government and chieftancy matters in Oyo State Bimbo Kolade has called on all members and leaders of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Oyo State to put aside their differences and build a virile, United and stronger party.

Hon Kolade who is currently a member of Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Committee made this passionate call in a special message to mark his birthday anniversary.

The builder turned politician said members of the party needs to understand the essence of cooperation in order to move the party forward and also focus on good that each members have done in the past and seek only peace.

“Indeed, this year has been a challenging one for all of us in the family with sudden and unexpected deaths of various leaders within the fold including the death of Sen. Abiola Ajimobi.

This year, we have lost people like Pa Adelere in Iseyin, Pa Farinu, Gidado and S.M Akindele from Oyo and possibly other younger ones who may not be widely reported.These are people who are pillars of the progressives in their various domains.”

He explained that events of the last four to five years have been one that generates a lot of rancour within the circle of the progressives and which has led to various forms of disagreements amongst members and had caused disintegration of the progressive family.

“At this juncture, I want to appeal to everyone, irrespective of which side of the ring you are speaking from, to please let us all forgive ourselves, forget all hurts, give peace a chance so that we can forge ahead as we join hands to rebuild the broken walls of the progressives, our platform and the APC party in the State.

I am appealing that we all forgive each other and one another. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr as contained in a sermon he delivered at a Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama, USA in 1957 which he titled “Loving Your Enemy.” is very apt here.”

Hon Kolade added that APC members in the state must realize that they all need to imbibe positive values and principles to enable them to move forward and focus on the good done in the past and seek only peace as well as extend a hand of friendship to one another.

“Oyo State is no doubt the State of the progressives but each time we fight ourselves, we lose focus and allow the opposition to have an upper hand in the State.This is a clarion call for us to come back together as one to rebuild our party and bring back its glory.

It is a call to those who have left, return home to where you truly belong and where your heart is.”, Kolade added.

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