Sunday, January 16, 2022
Late MKO Abiola’s Close Aide Calls For Restructuring Of Traditional Rulers Council

An Ibadan based business man, close associate of Late business mogul-Chief MKO ABIOLA- : Alhaji Sufianu Kazeem -also known as- “Sukazeem” has called for total overhauling and restructuring of traditional council in the nation.

Alhaji Kazeem stated this while speaking with journalists in Ibadan on the recent happenings in the south west especially as it concerns traditional rulers in the country.

He said before the coming of the Europeans, the region had its own kingship style of governance which went all smooth without any grievances or issues until the advent of colonialism, which culminated in the present system of government.

Alhaji Sufianu stated that it is important for traditional rulers, political office holders and other leaders in the nation to come together and fashion out ways through which the traditional stool can be more honoured and respected by all, which in turn will promote the regional value-system.

He added that the current situation where governors can just wake up in the morning and decide to remove a traditional ruler or issue a queried must not be encouraged.

Alhaji Kazeem added that “what is good for governors should also be good for traditional rulers” and that traditional rulers should not be made a stooge to any political office holder including the governors.

He stressed the need for all traditional rulers in the nation to gather themselves and hold an all important meetings to fashion out ways through which critical issues can be discussed and also resolved.

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