Monday, July 26, 2021
Kolade Advises Youth To Shift Attention To Agriculture

… not in politics to share national cake

Story By Akinola Emmanuel

A Federal Commissioner representing Oyo State at the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Abuja Hon Bimbo Kolade has appealed to youths in the nation to shift their attention to the agriculture sector and tap into various potentials inherent in the sector.

Hon Kolade made this appeal while featuring on a radio programme in Ibadan on Sunday.

The Oyo Central Senatorial aspirant during the 2019 general elections said there are many opportunities hiding in agriculture sector and only needs the able and capable youths of the nation to look inward and make something meaningful out of the sector.

He added that considering many difficulties and financial constraints the nation is facing currently, diversifying the nation’s economy is not just an option but compulsory and this can only be practically achieved through agriculture and solid minerals sectors.

Hon Kolade urged youths and Nigerians in general to engage in other sectors of the economy especially agriculture in order to boost the nation’s revenue base and develop the economy.

While commenting on politics, Hon Kolade said: “I never believe in the politics of do or die like some politicians do; as there can never be two persons at a position meant for one person.”

“I am not in Abuja to be a part of cake sharer like others are running from pillar to post; I am in Abuja to make the cake bigger so that development can go faster across the nation.”

Hon Kolade commended traditional rulers for their advisory role in keeping the nation together and moving it forward.

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