Monday, August 2, 2021
June 12: Oyo Central Senatorial Hopeful, Bimbo Kolade Preaches Patriotism, Sacrifices

Story By Akinola Emmanuel, Sunday, June 13, 2021

As Nigeria marks the 2021 Democracy day across the nation, a two term commissioner in Oyo state who is currently member RMAFC representing the state, Hon Bimbo Kolade has urged Nigerians to continue to believe in the country and support its leaders with a believe that better days are near.

Hon Kolade in a congratulatory message to the people of the state and his senatorial district, Oyo Central Senatorial district stated that “2021 celebration of Democracy Day marks 22 years of uninterrupted civil administration in our dear country and it provides us an opportunity to reflect on our journey as a nation, our achievements and struggles.”

He said June 12 is a day to honour the nation’s founding fathers who toiled to establish the republic and all every Nigerian who has worked tirelessly to sustain it.

“I congratulate all Nigerians on this occasion. It is noteworthy that unlike before 1999, we have sustained the semblance of a democratic system for 22 unbroken years. There is no doubt that Democracy is the best system in evolving a modern government and it remains the most acceptable globally.

However, the celebration today should also help us to raise the question of whether democracy is working to serve the interest of Nigerians. After all, it is known widely that democracy is not just the absence of military rule or the routine conduct of elections after which some individuals are announced to have been elected. The real end product of democracy should be good governance.”

The 2019 Oyo central Senatorial aspirant added that June 12 has come with revelation and thought of why the spirit of patriotism must rise above personal choice in the cause of setting a pace for national goal, and all must revive the essence of being a Nigerian and necessity demanded as habitants of this great country must always top Nigerians priority.

The 2023 senatorial hopeful for Oyo Central praises all who have continued to push for a better Nigeria and those who clean the wheel that makes Nigeria work, adding that with every effort, the nation keep moving towards the utopia of its founding fathers and indeed, democracy is work in progress for the common good.

“We must continue to appreciate the essence of living in peace and oneness, and why there is need for our collective effort in ensuring our common hope for the greatness of our country is never and never dashed!

Fellow Nigerians, as we celebrate this year’s Democracy Day, let us remember that, notwithstanding our aspirations, humanity and indeed democracy is under the threat of insecurity and we must come out stronger.

I am confident that by God’s grace we shall overcome this one and emerge stronger and more purposeful.

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria.” the statement added.

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