Thursday, June 24, 2021
Joe Biden Remains United States President-Elect, Reports.

Contrary to reports by users of social media sharing a viral picture of what purported to be a breaking news report that claimed president elect Joe Biden has resigned, reports says such news was false.

The claim appeared as a screenshot from FOX Atlanta, which was alleged article published on 1 Jan. with headline Joe Biden President Elect steps down.

The post claimed Biden resignation came after consulting with leg team because of and unspecified health issue and his family.

The claim was false, and there were no evidence or reports that Joe Biden was stepping down as president- elect because due to ” unspecified health issues.

The image had been changed to appear as an genuine news report, as a search of key words involved in the results of the in no matches on the site of Fox Atlanta.

The official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and official transition website of Joe had no statements or mentions of him planning as president elect to step down.

Medical assessment in a December 2019, Dr. Kevin O’ Connor of George Washington University said that Biden was a healthy, vigorous, seventy- seven- year- old- male, who was fit to execute the duties of the Presidency successfully.

The report also stated that Joe Biden did not smoke or work and drink out 5 days in aweek.

Joe Biden’ s and Kamala Harris, Vice President- elect would both be sworn in on 20, Jan 2021.

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