Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ibadan, the ancient capital city of Oyo State and second most popular city in sub-saharan Africa has been widely known to be a city that accommodates all, without any form of discrimination.

But recently, the accommodating nature of the city is been threatened if not well guarded and monitored by those saddled with the responsibilities. Ibadan, no doubt if well observed is becoming so crowded with motorcycle which is possibly an after effect of the ban in Lagos state.

It will be recalled that Lagos state government some weeks ago, banned movement of motorcycles in six local government areas of the state in order to ensure security in these areas.

Although, the negative effect could be seen not only on the riders as a result of the ban, residents at the marked areas were also victims of the ban.

The residents were said to have launched “OTrek” since they find it hard to get a bike or Keke to convey them to their various destinations, hence, they had to trek miles before they would get to where they would combat with others to secure a seat in the few-spaced four legged vehicles.

With these, some of them choose to relocate to nearby states like Ogun and Oyo. For the fear of facing same ban in Ogun as been moved by the ogun state government, majority of them settled at Ibadan thereby causing the worried increase In motorcycles in the state.

In an interview with Comrade Yetunde Alabi, the Zonal coordinator and Oyo State Chairperson for Motorcycle Transportation Union of Nigeria (MTUN), which is a union established to see to issues and affairs of motorcycles and Tricycles since March 22, 1995, clarified that Ibadan is an accommodating city which is why they are having more Okadas and Tricycles recently.

She stated that the riders are quite free in Ibadan only if they undergo necessary trainings and registrations laid down by the union

“We have many associations in Ibadan like the accomoran and others, but there is only one union registered with the government which is the MTUN, under which other associations ought to register”.

Comrade Yetunde added in her speech that, registered riders are identified with a transparent uniform which is tagged with their registration number and the local government they belong to.

Some residents of Ibadan who spoke with Nigerian Alert correspondence, Adetunji Joshua, said the Oyo state government should also ban Okada riders in the State just as the Lagos State government did weeks ago.

According to them, “it will reduce the rate of theft, overcrowding as well as kidnapping and other forms of crimes.”

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