Friday, September 17, 2021

Story By Rachael Aina, February 7,2021

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has denied calling the popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, a hero.

Soyinka stated this during an interview with BBC Pidgin on the farmers /herders going on across the nation.

He said he never met with Igboho but added that Igboho has reacted to the killings and maiming by Fulani herders in the way he knew off.

herdsmen crisis across communities in Nigeria. He said if not properly handled, it could degenerate into a civil war.

Professor Soyinka said said any error made by Igboho need to be corrected by others which according to him, he knows some people are doing that.

Soyinka said the herders have continued acting with impunity because they feel it is one of their kinsman that is in power.

“My fear is that it could degenerate into violence that ends up in—I hate to use the word—a civil war unless we take action. I’m glad that governors are already dialoguing with groups like Miyetti Allah (cattle breeders).”

The Nobel Laureate noted that a consensus needs to be reached that will be
favourable to all parties.

Wole Soyinka said something needs to be done urgently about the herdsmen

According to him, the country is fighting against an enemy that believes in doing
as it pleases. He added:

“They believe they have immunity or that nothing can happen to them. That is why, in my own state, you find a soldier taking the side of an enemy.

“They actually escort killers, rapists, raiders while flogging the victims.”
Soyinka said this would not be the case if the people are conscious of the nature
of their enemy, encouraged to mobilise on their own behalf and also collaborate
with the security forces.

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