Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Nigeria Alert September 19, 2021

Popular Actor, emcee and orator, Jude Ogomegbulem Chukwuka also known as Marlian Dad has disclosed that he got one million naira from popular musician, Naira Marley and not a brand new car as some speculated.

Jude Chukwuka made this closure recently while speaking with this reporter at an event held at Ado Ekiti.

Commenting on why he choose Naira Marley song, he said He said: “I enjoy singing and in recent times, Naira Marley has become my favourite artiste. It’s like I help my contemporaries to hear and understand what these young boys are singing.

Chukwuka, who mostly features in Igbo titled movies, while confirming the receipt of the money said he never believed the singer can fulfilled his promise of the money.

He added that he has sang other songs by many artists but the one “Mafo” by Naira Marley brought him more face and even money.

‘Marlians’ are irresponsible but that is what the press has made people believe.

If you connect the Marlian slogan with irresponsibility, what about our political larties? Are we saying that everybody in suits and ties are saint.

All politicalparties have irresponsible followers too. It all depends on where one stands.

Not all Malians are irresponsible. It is only those who are in government and
those who do not want to accept the realities of society that consider Malians to represent irresponsibility.

“It depends on where one is standing. If you have your head in the clouds, you would say the lyrics are vulgar. But if you have your feet on the ground, you would realise that he sings about the realities of our society. I chose to disregard the messenger and listen to the message. In the process, I found that his lyrics are not vulgar. They are the realities we are struggling with in society.

I believe those running the affairs of this nation should listen to what he (Marley) is saying.

“The president of the country does not command as much following as Naira Marley does. As far as I’m concerned, Marley has become a mouthpiece for pointing out the rea lities of society. But those in leadership don’t want to hear those truths, so they would rather give the young man a bad name so his products’ wouldn’t sell.’’

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