Wednesday, October 27, 2021
How Much Is Your Salary, You Better Dont Kill Yourself, Odu’a Investment Image Maker Insults Reporter Over Elevator Colapse

Story By Dorcas Ajuwon

Reporters on Thursday decried the insults and aggressive reactions of the Public Relations of Odu’a investment, Victor Ayetoro over the recent incident that claimed life of an engineer working on elevator of Cocoa House.

A reporter who craved for anonymous told westerndailynews that Ayetoro told him that; “how much are you being paid in your organisation that you are always looking for negative reports about Odu’a investment. You better resign and look for another job with us.”

“You can’t just imagine how this image maker of a well respected organisation descended on me as if I had offended him before the incident. Even though, had not even taken any shot of the premises, some of his boys approached with the aim of roughhandling me, but unfortunately, that Wednesday evening was just one of my day that I was not in the mood, so I kept on watching their drama.

One of them later brought his phone that Mr Victor wanted to talk to me, and on collecting the phone, Mr Victor asked me if we really studied Mass Communication together and wondered why I should be interested in such a story just like other colleagues.

My task on this incident is just that I so much feel disappointed that a company like Odu’a can have such a man as spokesperson and image maker, I can only wish them the very best.”

The reporter said he regretted calling the PRO to get his reaction to the issue.

Another reporter said; “the man is full of himself. He always speak as if he never practice before. He address reporters as if they are nobody. His reactions to issues are enough negative for the Odu’a investment.”

A lady reporter said the public relations officer lacks professional and home training for attacking reporters for no reason.

She said; “It is a pity that organization like Odu’a investment recruited a quack as a public relations officer. He lacks professional and home training. Even if you have arrived, do you pay reporters from your stolen wealth?” She queried.

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