Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Group Berates Federal, States Over Approach To COVID-19

South West Group of Online Publisher, SWEGOP has frowned at the fire brigade approach adopted by the federal and the state governments against the pandemic corona virus.

The group also called on the government at all levels to review their position on provision of primary and tertiary healthcare facilities in their domains.

In a statement signed by the group chairman, Mr Yinka Agboola and Public Relations Officer, Remi Oladoye, SWEGOP, noted that the pandemic corona virus has further exposed the weakness of the government despite the huge budgetary allocation.

“It is obvious the government has not been effective and paying lipservice to the development of health sector in Nigeria. Most states don’t have facilities to tackle any outbreak of viral diseases let alone well-equipped isolation centres where such cases can be treated”

While calling on the government at all levels, SWEGOPS advised them to be more proactive and put in place facilities that can enhance the operations of our medical personnel in the country.

The association also commended the medical personel and relevant agencies for their effort in combating the dreaded corona Virus. With the record of just one death and scores of recovery cases, it shows that our medical personnel are up to the task.

The group of media professional also urged the general public and stakeholders to collaborate with the federal and state governments in containing further spread of corona virus and others in the country.

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