Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Former Minister, Shittu Blasts Ajimobi, Oshiomole, Oke  ……says “I Will Remain In APC For Buhari”

The immediate past Minister of Communication Adebayo Shittu has described the defeat of the All Progressive Congress (APC) during the 2019 Governorship and State houses of Assemblies elections in Oyo State to the carelessness and imposition of candidates by former Oyo State governor Abiola Ajimobi and Chief Akin Oke.

Barrister Shittu while responding to a recent letter signed by 41 named APC leaders said the party lost the cream of intellectuals and grassroots politicians to other political tendencies through marginalization and unbridled imposition of candidates.

He stated that the advertorial is a case of cheap blackmail and calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it adding that Ajimobi and his political minions should remind themselves about how Unity Forum emerged in Oyo State APC.

“After hundreds of party members had paid through their noses to purchase the required forms,Chief Oke’s slave master, Abiola Ajimobi prevented democratic primary election to hold, instead, he imposed as APC candidates, only members of his erstwhile political campaign machinery, SENACO thus leaving non SENACO members in the cold.”

“If Chief Akin Oke and his cohorts would have the shamelessness to concoct lies Against oppresed and marginalised party loyalists only because they were challenging Abiola Ajimobi’s dictatorship and asking for asking for inclusiveness in the management of our party. We on our part should should have the courage in asking the courage in asking the clownish authors of the letter to make public, detailed evidence of the alleged act of sabotage.”

“It will be recalled that Sen.Ajimobi had previously frustrated out of APC,his original benefactors and very close friends and political allies of his late father Alhaji Gani Ajimobi who with all due respect, was also my elderly colleague in the then Oyo State House Of Assembly between 1979 and 1983.”

Shittu in the letter further stated that ” Ajimobi, despite contesting in an election on the same day with our beloved Leader and Mentor, President Muhammadu Buhari and despite having served as a self styled Constituted Authority for nearly eight years immediately preceeding the senatorial election, the erstwhile Dictator and Leader of the renegade faction of the APC headed by Chief Oke as a factional chairman, lost woefully in the pooling unit of his homestead, in his ward, in his local government, in his residential pooling unit at Oluyole Estate, in his Local Government Area of Residence and his Senatorial District.”

“I pity Abiola Ajimobi’s political career ending in Fiasco when we remember that he had acquired the sobriquet of KOSELERI when he won a 2nd term ticket in 2015 Gubernatorial Election courtesy of President Muhammadu Buhari’s influence. A 2nd award of KOSELERI therefore came up when, despite being a two term Governor, Ajimobi lost an ordinary senatorial Election even while in office as the constituted Authority.”

For Adam Oshiomole, Shittu said he is complicit in all atrocities committed by both Abiola Ajimobi and Baba Akin Oke adding that he deliberately failed to provide objective and incorruptible leadership.

“With due respect to all concerned, issue of loyalty does not arise. This is because, since all of us are members of APC, loyalty or respect are personal decisions and they are due to only those deserving it. Any dictatorial or unjust leader would only command respect and loyalty of those he favoured through his unjust, corrupt, fraudulent or undemocratic actions.”

On his membership of APC, Shittu said he has remained a loyal and unadulterated APC adherent for the past six years.

“I promise to remain one for as long as my leader and Mentor, President Buhari remains in APC.” he added.

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