Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Foreign Education Bill:Taming The Boko Haram Menace.

According to Section 5 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria(As Amended), The National Assembly has the legislative powers and responsibility to enact laws and perform oversight functions and other ancillary duties.

The above is the standard practice in all democratic climes globally, perhaps one will begin to wonder and get extremely provoked to test the level of patriotism of our so called “Law makers” or rather still “Law breakers”, rather disheartening to see our legislators dissend lowly in reasoning or thinking at this critical points of our national lives.

This are indeed symptoms of a pariah and failed state, this makes people to opt for self defence out of frustration when confronted with this precarious level of impunity and legislative rascality currently excited by the 9th Assembly.

The following begs for answers?

Do we have a great future with this crop of legislators?

Do this legislators deserve to enact laws for the nation?

Who do we offend that desired to make us experience this unmitigated agony ?

This above is not a “Jamb” question but calling for sober reflection on the state of affairs of the country called Nigeria, more filled and jeopardized with uncertainties and hopelessness.

The recent unfortunate happenings proves beyond reasonable doubt that members of the National Assembly are not interndem with reality or thinking along the lines with the people they claim to represent.

Both the people and current crops of elected officials are at cross opposite point, that remains two parallel that cannot never meet, if this ills persist.

One will be forced to believe that some ill-informed members of the House of Representatives and Senate have been turned to dishonorable chambers by this spurious litany of cabbage thrown at us daily.

The worst of the recent bills are the Immunity Bill, Social Media death penalty clause, the climax of this shenanigans is the bill proposing foreign education for ‘un’repentant Boko Haram and other armed bandits.

This is the crescendo of crudity, absurdity, irresponsibility and irresponsiveness to the yearning and will of the people, especially Nigerian-victims(Women, Child Soldiers forced into the War, Community converted to captured War Base) dreadfully gripping in abrupt fears of wanton destruction of lives and properties, with no succour at site.

Surprisingly, while the Boko Haram captived victims are languishing in endless deaths, rapes, kidnapping and ransom painstakingly paid with sorrows, tears and blood of the innocents, communities are ravaged by burning flames invasion and war tuned attacks, their tormentors are blazingly praised, freed and reradicalized into the Nigerian Army, as if that is not enough dangerous enteritis to our common enemies to thrive over us, the biggest error is that none is convicted nor facing prosecution trials at any court.

Those that were caught under gruesome heavy fire power of the Nigerian military are now silently traded and negotiated by the government as another round booming business that caved in Billions of dollars and naira equivalents of unaccounted allocated monies, budgeted and unbudgeted funds simultaneously spent, without any price tags of success and total freedom viz: the Chibok nor Leigh Shaibu of the Dapchi girls remains our worries and heartaches.

Regrettably our dead soldiers whose supreme price of death are relegated to a bottomless and meaningless pits of hell.

Those currently in the theatre of brimming war are daily demoralized and caged to die a meaningless death.

Seeing Boko Haram commanders(Shekau) threatening the President of the Country, without no official statement by the Executive nor this same National Assembly members sponsoring this heinous bills are capable of putting them in check, but rather disheartening Boko Haram and Armed Bandits are now rated in the class of Niger Delta freedom fighters and social justice crusaders.

Firstly they were compensated with N100 Billion Naira as amnesty funds, later with Ruga, Ranch Colony and at the end of the day they are given Diamond medallion of Honour to study abroad with tax payers money predicated on our national budgets, while separate a Commission will soon be enacted to midwife this evil machinations.

It is unholy to see this going on in a nation undergoing war with her enemies, while same enemies are preserved with protection, now perceived to have thrown thier proxies into our national assembly, with enabling chanting woes and songs of pains against the people.

This desecration needs to be addressed by the Nigerian people, it seems Boko Haram now have thier members in our government at all levels, the fears are rising and woeful assurance not seemed to provide hope of a secured future.

We should as a matter of necessity call for an urgent National Dialogue, because we risk more hydra-headed implosion in the coming days, if this evil remains untamed.

Enough is Enough!

Aare Oladotun Hassan, Esq
Chairman, Eti-Osa Bar Forum
Assistant Secretary, NBA Epe Branch

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