Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Fire outbreak in Ayede Transmission Company Ibadan

By Adedeji Fatimah

The Ayede sub region transmission company of Nigeria,has surferd fire outbreak in the early hours today.

Federal and state fire service were this morning deployed to the Transmission Company Nigeria to put a stop to the fire outbreak in Ayede Sub Regional Station.

Despite the intensity of the fire, men of the fire service manouvered their ways to put off the fire in one of the transformations from spreading to other part of the electricity compactment.

It was reported that safety expert, engineers and security operatives also assisted in the operation that lasted for hours and to ensure safety of lives.

Witness says the fire started about 5 O’clock this morning and was putten to stop some minute to 11.

In an interview , with Engr.John Ayodele the Cheif operating officer Ibadan Electricity Disstribution Company, he said reasons for the out break is yet to be known.

He appeal to the possible areas and states the whole of oyo state Iseyin ,Ibeju-Ode and Shagamu in Ogun State that will be affected to be patient pending the time the cause for the outbreak will be sorted to avert reoccurrence.

In a similar development, Oyo state fire director Mr Adewuyi Moshood said , the fire might have been caused by over work on the affected transformer which contain highly inflammable liquid substances.

One of multi million transformer T1B , 150MVA, 330KV, worth four hundred million which supplies Iseyin and the whole of Oyo State including Shagamu , Ijebu Ode in Ogun state are going to expirence blackouts pending the time to be fixed.

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